Professional Services

Team with RIFT experts to collaboratively realize your cloud and virtual network aspirations.

On-boarding & Interoperability

For cloud network function builders and service providers that want to offer virtualized network solutions, on-boarding and building interoperability is the first step in positioning your solution as a cloud-delivered service.

VNF On-boarding & Certification

RIFT accelerates the migration from physical appliances to ETSI MANO-compliant virtualized network functions. RIFT can on-board your VNF to the RIFT.ware platform with no modification.

MANO & Lifecycle Orchestration Interoperability

RIFT ensures interoperability with the ETSI MANO reference architecture and integration with NFVO and generic VNFM.

Trial/Proof of Concept (PoC) Readiness

Ensure your solution can demonstrate its functionality and value within a service provider or enterprise trial. RIFT will integrate your solution on RIFT.ware into a multi-vendor trial environment and deliver PoC demonstration.

Cloud Development Services

For cloud network function builders that want to take advantage of RIFT.ware application management framework to build cloud-ready network services, RIFT offers a variety of development services.

VNF Development Assist

Leverage RIFT.ware development toolkits and expertise to enhance your VNF with custom features that add competitive differentiation.

Custom UI & Automation

Customize the user interface and add unique orchestration and automation features.

MANO Compliance

Ensure MANO compliance for migrated VNFs and applications. Ensure the manageability of your VNF in multi-vendor environments.

Systems Integration & Lifecycle Services

Systems Integration

RIFT services will help you build end-to-end integration and interoperability with ecosystem partner solutions. RIFT will help you to build day 1 service enablement and work with existing orchestrators, SDN Controllers, and OSS/BSS.

Lifecycle Optimization

RIFT will to Plan, Prepare, Design, Implement, Operate and Optimize (PPDIOO) your solution. As part of lifecycle management, RIFT offers in-service software upgrade services, FCAPS solution management, and capacity monitoring and management. You can also ensure integration with orchestration tools across VIM/NFVO.

Cloud Optimization


Optimize your cloud service with upgrade services, MOP development and FOA process implementation

Custom Reporting

Build custom capacity and performance reports. Offer your customers increased visibility and differentiate your service.

Software License Compliance

RIFT will ensure compliance with software licensing, configuration and assist in software audits.

Cloud Subject Matter Experts

Access a dedicated subject matter expert to assist with any cloud optimization development services.


RIFT offers multiple support tiers to match your needs.