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Intermediate understanding of general network Principals. Basic understanding of Ethernet, layer 2 bridging, and packet forwarding principles.  Knowledge of Voice and Video IP services as well as VLAN tagging concepts are helpful.

Students must bring a laptop computer with administrative access as the ability to install software applications may be required. Putty and TFTPD will be provided on a USB stick for takeaway. Laptops should also have the ability to view PowerPoint, Word, Excel and .pdf documents.



The DZS MXK Chassis is a high-density, multi-access line concentrator developed to support both fiber and copper interfaces in the same chassis in order to deliver any service to subscribers in a residential network. 

The DZS MXK-F High Capacity Chassis for FTTx applications, is a high-density cost effective fiber access network platform for delivering broadband services in residential, commercial and industrial business complexes including hotels, apartment complexes, malls, campus networks, etc.

ZMS, DZS’s Network Management Suite uses a Graphic User Interface (GUI) in a browser-based application that provides the same functionality you have used in the CLI, but in an easier to use and understand HTML format.

Through a series of lectures and time spent with hands-on exercises, students will be able to configure, provision, administer, manage and troubleshoot the DZS family of networking products using multiple methods.

Standard Training to be held in Seminole Training Facility. Standard Training follows the Standard Agenda

  • $3250 per student.  Duration:  5 Days

Custom Training to be held in Seminole Training Facility

$750 per student.  Duration:  1 Days (4 Student Minimum)

Custom or Standard Training to be held at customers location

  • $4500 USD per day (2 days minimum)
  • $19500 USD for 5 days
  • + Shipping of LAB equipment if necessary
  • + $2500 USD travel expense (International costs may be higher)

Custom Webinar

  • $200 per hour, per student, 2 student minimum
  • Webinars are sometimes acceptable, depending on Agenda
  • Webinars can be used for advanced training only
  • Webinars do not offer LAB Access

Certification Test

Each student who completes the MXK/MXK-F/ZMS FiberLAN training session will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Each student will also have access to a Certification Test, to be completed within 3 months of completing the training. This test will offer DZS recognition based on a students ability to Integrate and Operate the MXK/MXK-F family of products. The test is free. Details will be discussed in class.

(15% discount)

Pre-purchase for 2 students with hard copy PO issued 45 days prior to class. Only applies to classes held in a DZS Training Facility.

Standard Training Agenda

Day 1 starts at 9am
(Day 1) Morning Lecture, Afternoon LAB
MXK-MXK-F Product Family Overview (Hardware)
Next Generation GPON Introduction (NGPON2, XGSPON)
MXK/MXK-F what is FiberLAN (Supported Services)
Network Design and Planning Discussion (Network Services, DHCP, DNS, etc…)
GPON Introduction (SFP’s, OLT’s, ONT’s, ONU’s, Signal Strength, Attenuation, Cable’s, Distance Limitations, Optical Power, etc…)
Layer 1 – Physical Connections

(Days 2 & 3) CLI focused, 80% LAB
MXK/MXK-F Management Options, In-Band versus Out-of-Band
Physical Installation & Commissioning
Operational Procedures, Best Practices
GPON Introduction (Packet Filtering, GEM, ONU, OLT/ONT, Splitters, Bridges)
CPE Manager (Network, VLAN, Connection)
Remote Software Management (for CPE)
ONU Set command, Connect to CPE-MGR
Bridges and Unified Service Provisioning, Best Practices
Auto-Assignment and Auto-Configuration, Service Templates
Diagnostics and Monitoring
Troubleshooting via CLI

(Day 4) CLI focused, 100% LAB
Triple Play Services Provisioning – Data, Video, and Voice (VoIP, POTS)
Set2default – Set chassis to factory default and practice again, from beginning

Students will have an opportunity to build services from scratch and ask questions as they go along. This entire day is dedicated to LAB work.

(Day 5) ZMS, Lecture
ZMS Overview, Database Operation, User Administration
Templates, Operations, Global Settings, etc…
Add Devices, Bulk Service Provisioning/Deletion via ZMS Web Client
Monitoring, Faults, and Alarms via ZMS Web Client
Troubleshooting via ZMS Web Client

Advanced Registration

45-day advance registration and a hard copy PO are required to guarantee seats and class availability.

If a PO is issued less than 45 days prior to the start date of the class, no discount is offered.

DZS requires a minimum of 4 students to conduct a course for all standard classes. Custom classes are negotiable. Please DO NOT book travel arrangements until class is confirmed.

Late Registration

If a PO is issued less than 45 days prior to the start date of the class, no discount is offered.


If you need to cancel and you have been previously confirmed by providing a hard copy PO, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • Cancellation occurs 45 to 30 days prior to the first day of class – hard copy PO will be billed for 25% of the cost of the class
  • Cancellation occurs 29 days to the first day of class – hard copy PO will be billed for 50% of the cost of the class

Minimum Students

  • DZS requires a minimum of (4) students in order to conduct a class in Seminole, FL. If the minimum number of students is not met, DZS reserves the right to cancel these class dates.

Custom Training

  • For customer on-site courses, DZS and Customer must mutually agree in advance to a training schedule and content to be delivered