DZS O-Series FLEX Manager provides complete network and element management for O-Series products, systems, and solutions. Its multi-layer capabilities address all management functions throughout the network, from a centralized site. FLEX Manager makes service delivery, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting fast and simple.

Flex Manager Datasheet


FLEXManager provides a comprehensive view of the network through a graphical management interface that intuitively presents details on services, inventory, software upgrades and equipment configuration, all stored in a centralized management system. Node locations, topology awareness, port availability, connectivity status and shelf-level configuration details paint a complete picture of network operations and service connectivity.


FLEXManager unlocks the capabilities of network solutions, simplifying provisioning and ongoing management of the network and services. The ability to manage all aspects of the network, from QoS attributes to OTN encapsulation, makes it easier to use the full set of the network’s functional capabilities and provision services for optimum performance.


With a complete view of alarms, events and key performance indicators, FLEXManager enables rapid troubleshooting. Comprehensive monitoring of equipment, connectivity and services allows operators to address issues before they affect service.

Intuitive point-and-click GUI
Multi-layered, end-to-end, local and remote network management
Full topology awareness and auto-discovery of network elements
Comprehensive OAM capabilities
Performance monitoring of network elements and services
Alarm and event configuration and management
User and security administration
Node and network software upgrades
Node and ONM backup and restore GUI
Over hundreds of network elements supported
Simultaneously supports 15 users
Network and node auto-discovery Network
Network element graphical and tree views
Network element configuration
Performance monitoring L0/L1/L2
Alarm and event management
Customization of views and background network maps
Network and node software upgrade
ONM and node backup and restore
Network audit
Integrated email notification
User and security administration

Operating System

Windows 7
Windows 8​
Windows 2008 Server​
Windows 2012 Server
Client: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent, 4 GB of RAM​
Server: 3.2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor or equivalent, 8 GB of RAM

Solaris 10
Client: Sun UltraSPARC, 4 GB of RAM​
Server: Sun UltraSPARC, 8 GB of RAM