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Many Telecom solution providers have begun to future proof their networks, whether with new deployments of fiber all the way to the home or by augmenting and upgrading existing copper-based networks with fiber. According to the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA), the number of households which were passed traffic over fiber hit the 35 million mark in North America in 2017, with over 15.4 million homes connected with fiber to the premises. In 2018 the fiber passed traffic number hit 60 million with 23.8 million with fiber all the way to the home.

Meeting Current Network Needs With a Smooth Migration to the Future

Whether providing fiber the full way to the home or to the enterprise, or to the building or an outside smaller distribution point or a full cabinet on the curb, DZS has the full set of FTTx solutions. As the copper part of the network gets shorter and shorter, DZS supplies solutions, both for the current need and a migration path to the future.

Next generation 10 Gigabit PON services provide higher bandwidth, for both the evolution of converged residential, business and backhaul services and distribute access at lower cost than point to point services. However DZS understands no one solution solves all network issues. DZS combines PON and Active Ethernet and VDSL2 and G.FAST in numerous ways to provide the best possible solution for each situation.

With services that include design, installation, roll out, commissioning, acceptance testing, management and maintenance, DZS provides a carefully coordinated plan taking your organization into the future.

Meeting Customer Needs, Globally

Headquartered in Oakland, California, DASAN Zhone Solutions (DZS) is a global innovator in telecommunications solutions. With the second largest market share in FTTx among publicly traded global networking companies, DZS serves Telecom operators of all sizes, ranging from rural co-ops worldwide to Tier-1 national carriers in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. While DZS is based in the USA with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, the home of Silicon Valley, and a manufacturing facility in Florida, more than 70 percent of DZS’ business is conducted internationally, outside of the United States.

10G PON Migration.

Use your existing PON Optical Deployment Network (ODN), both fiber cables and splitters to migrate to 10G PON (XGSPON) and 40G PON (NGPON2). The same MXK-F chassis supports GPON, XGSPON and NGPON2. 10G ZNID ONTs support both XGSPON and NGPON2.

Mobile Operators

DZS provides backhaul solutions to mobile operators with the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of cell sites, transparently handling traffic to/from LTE and 5G networks at a native ‘wire-speed’ — accelerating the delivery of mobile capacity, coverage and QoS for 5G era, enabling a new level of manageability, flexibility, performance and cost.


Discover how local communities are investing in their own Ultra High Speed Internet infrastructure to promote safety, economic prosperity and improve quality of life for their citizens. From traffic light cameras, to analyzing traffic in real time and re-routing around bottlenecks, to improving the rapid deployment and providing efficient route guidance for emergency vehicles and first responders, the IoT provides a whole suite of new options for municipalities.


Utility companies can leverage their power distribution networks to offer FTTx broadband internet access networks

To satisfy increasing consumer bandwidth demands and align with market trends, many Telecom solution providers have begun to future proof their networks with the deployment of fiber technologies. These can be new deployments or augmentation and upgrade of existing copper-based networks.

While high speed Internet access speeds vary by region, DZS is deployed in virtually all the most advanced countries that offer ultra high speed Internet speeds and our ongoing mission is to work with aspiring nations who want the benefits of connecting all  citizens to the Internet world.

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