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June 20, 2020

DZS Robust RIFT.ware Flourishes at NFV&MEC Plugtest 2020

The ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability continued Interoperability testing of NFV environments at the NFV&MEC Plugtest 2020 which is the 5th ETSI Plugtest in a row. During the month of June 2020, ETSI offered NFV and MEC solution providers the ability to test the interoperability of NFV and Edge solutions as well as validate NFV and MEC APIs. The Interoperability testing is based on Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) Release 2;Testing; Guidelines on Interoperability Testing for MANO. Due to the current situation in the world, ETSI had to face difficult conditions. However, the organization and participants successfully converted the event that is usually held onsite to virtual sessions. This Plugtest included over 65 NFV and MEC organizations comprising of vendors, operators and open source communities. The most significant advancement in testing was that vendors and partners conducted Containerized Network Function (CNF) and Kubernetes interoperability testing for the first time. Congratulations to the entire team and all the other participants in achieving this accomplishment despite the challenges!

DZS has participated in this event since the inception and we were happy to attend another Plugtest. In previous years, we onboarded and cataloged numerous VNFs and tested integrations with different VIM and G-VNFMs. This year we successfully completed 18 advanced test sessions. In these sessions, we tested our carrier-grade RIFT.ware with extensive CNF and VNF onboarding, third-party G-VNFM interoperability, Kubernetes, OpenStack VIM integration and API validation with the most recent standards.

We successfully integrated RIFT.ware with prominent CNF vendors and Kubernetes Platform providers. During the process of onboarding CNFDs on a Kubernetes cluster, RIFT.ware’s inbuilt validation suite was able to auto detect the corrections required in the HELM charts provided by the CNF vendors. DZS worked with the vendors to enhance the helm charts and together we were able to effectively deploy their CNFs. The opportunity to work with Kubernetes Platform Providers provided us insights on how MANO solutions are being integrated with Kubernetes Platforms and it was great to know that DZS is already on the right path. The participation of these vendors and providers will help us continue to enhance RIFT.ware and meet the needs of the real-world.

DZS is proud to announce that we showcased extensions to our longstanding Multi-VIM and Multi-VNFM orchestration capabilities of a single Network service (NS) that is composed of two or more carrier grade NFs. The above test case was an outcome of well-coordinated efforts between 7 different well-known vendors (2 different VNF vendors, 2 G-VNFM vendors, 2 OpenStack VIM providers and RIFT.ware as the MANO). We also added two new 5G VNFs to our existing suite of onboarded VNFs and exhibited our entire Lifecycle Management (LCM) of new 5G Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). At this Plugtest, we demonstrated that RIFT.ware has a built-in robust G-VNFM but we showed that it can also be integrated with key third-party G-VNFM vendors. Next, we ensured that RIFT.ware supports and adheres to the ETSI API Standards for SOL002, SOL003, SOL005 and the latest SOL16 compliance. Lastly, we seamlessly integrated with two new OpenStack series (Stein and Train) at this year’s Plugtest.

Similar to Plugtests in the past, we learned a great deal from this event and as a collective industry we will use these results to advance the technology forward. During our testing of RIFT.ware, we were able to identify enhancements to our SOL003 and SOL005 support as well as improvements to our process of onboarding Helm charts and the Lifecycle Management of CNFs. We used these results to enhance our solution. NFV&MEC Plugtest 2020 was very challenging due to circumstances beyond ETSI’s control. However, the remote event was a great success and we look forward to seeing the achievements that DZS and all other participants will make at the next Plugtest.

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