DZS 1RU Active Platforms are disaggregated and flexible to be independent or fundamental building-blocks of a larger system. The DA Series™ platform and MPX-9103 are designed and certified to meet multiple, Deploy Anywhere™, network architectures for both outside and inside plant applications.


O-Series Extended Temperature Disaggregated Platform

The TMS-1190 chassis provides a mounting solution for Open Disaggregated Platform Network Application Modules (NAMs). It offers standard carrier-grade edge features such as front-to-back airflow, redundant DC power and redundant field replaceable fan units. The platform also offers a wide range of timing technology standard IO that includes BITS, TOD, 1PPS, 10MHz timing and optional GPS, all of which can integrate into existing networks and provide future proofing with emerging technologies including TSN.

The TMS-1190 also features an industry first 1RU hot swappable management module supporting open-standard network management capabilities. It holds up to 4 universal NAM slots, and can hold any combination of single-slot, double-slot NAMs addressing various transport application scenarios.


O-Series Extended Temperature 100G OTN Muxponder Platform

DZS MPX-9103 is a multi-protocol, Layer 1 aggregation and transport solution for extended temperature range applications. With its ability to accommodate all types of SFP+ client optics and CFP uplink optics, it is an ideal solution for high-bandwidth 4G/5G in outdoor environments. It provides full client- and line-side performance monitoring for service demarcation, fault localization, and SLA assurance.