• 32 10G-EPON
  • 8 GE/10GE (SFP/SFP+)
  • 4U chassis
  • Full Redundancy
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The V8300 is an OLT for the EPON / 10G-EPON service designed to handle complex network requirements for carrier-level or enterprise-level with short delays. 10G-EPON can be classified into services such as area, building, bank, securities, can be placed in the best position, and service quality can be improved by ensuring high bandwidth and stability satisfying carrier service. It also supports 8 ports of 10G-EPON in a single line card, enabling CAPEX and OPEX enhancements. The V8300 provides four Service Interface Unit (SIU) slots, a 10G-EPON line card that supports eight ports, and two Network Interface Unit (NIU) slots that support 10-port 10GE interworking with the parent network. All interface ports provide maximum flexibility. The V8300 provides high-bandwidth switching, filtering, and traffic management without delaying data and provides a large data center-class buffer for continuous traffic. The V8300 provides redundant Switching Fabric Unit (SFU), Power Supply Unit (PSU) redundancy to ensure nonstop service for network stability and survivability, and a robust FAN module with excellent cooling for superior system performance.


  • 800 Gbps switching capacity
  • 32 Ports 10G-EPON OLT solution
  • Support full Redundancy(PON, SFU, PWR, FAN)
  • Ultra low latency
  • Scalability and line rate performance
  • Outstanding scalability and line rate performance
  • Real-time network traffic monitoring and analysis
  • Management System
  • SNMPv2/v3 with RMON, and Alarming
  • L2/L3/L4 H/W based ACL
  • User password protected system management
  • Clock : SyncE, IEEE1588, 802.1AS


Size (W x H x D): 482.6 x 177 x 445 mm
4RU Height

Input Power AC : 100~240VAC (50/60Hz)


4 Slots for IU(Interface Unit)
IU_GEPON8 : 8 EPON ports
IU_10GEPON8 : 8 10G-EPON ports(XFP)

Uplink Port

2 Slots for IU(Interface Unit)

IU-10GE4 : 4 10GbE Ports(SFP+)
Switching Fabric Unit

2 Slots for SFU
1 Console port (RS232) + 1 MGMT port (RJ45)


Layer 2 – Switching

IEEE 802.1d. Local and Metropolitan Area Networks Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges
IEEE 802.1x (MAC/port based Authentication)
IEEE 802.1q tagged frame RFC 1305 – NTP
RFC 826 ARP IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
IEEE 802.1v (VLAN Classification by protocol and port)
IEEE 802.3ad LACP
Layer 3 – Routing

  • RFC 2328 OSPFv2 (including MDS authentication)
  • RFC 1587 OSPF NSSA Option
  • RFC 1765 OSPF Database Overflow
  • RFC 2370 OSPF Opaque LSA Option
  • RFC 1771 Border Gateway Protocol 4
  • RFC 1965 Autonomous System Confederations for BGP
  • RFC 1966 BGP Route Reflection RFC 1997 BGP Communities Attribute
  • RFC 1745 BGP/OSPF Interaction
  • RFC 2385 TCP MDS Authentication for BGPv4


  • Auto upgrade
  • Serial / Telnet (CLI), SNMPv1/v2/v3, RMON


  • Operating Temperature 0°C to 46°C
  • Humidity 5% to 95%

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