V8500  :  GEPON OLT

The V8500 is the next generation OLT  for EPON/10G-EPON service designed to handle demanding network requirements for Carrier Level or Enterprise Level with low latency switching.

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The V8500’s OLT equipment is the most advanced optical subscriber and is a multi-chassis OLT equipment that can be used in apartment complexes or business sites in densely populated areas.  The V8500 is designed to provide full 1Gbps service to buildings, banks, securities firms and more. It is suitable for use by carriers and enterprises because it can freely allocate bandwidth according to customer’s demand. The V8500 is a total of 12 slots and provides 8 10GE, 8 or 16 EPONs, 8 10G-EPONs, 8 or 16 GPONs and 8 XG-PONs per slot. It is designed to provide maximum performance for all interfaces. The V8500 is designed for high capacity switching and provides filtering and traffic management. The V8500 provides two service unit (SFU) and two power supply units (PSUs) for uninterrupted maintenance, and a powerful fan module provides the system’s cooling system.


The V8500 is the next generation  EPON/10G-EPON platform designed to handle demanding network requirements for Carrier Level or Enterprise Level with low latency switching

It enables 10G-EPON to be deployed in the premier area like the building, bank, securities and so on, which can significantly improve the high bandwidth and stability as level as Carrier. Moreover it does 8/16 EPON and 8 10G-EPON to be located on the Carrier Office, for reducing CAPEX and OPEX as significantly.

The V8500 offers 12 Slots for 10GE, 8/16 EPON, 8 10G-EPON, 8/16 GPON and 8 XG-PON. All interfaces ports allow the maximum flexibility. V8500 provides high-bandwidth switching, filtering, and traffic management without delaying data, and large data center grade buffers to keep traffic moving.

The V8500 will support Dual SFU(Switching Fabric Unit), PSU(Power Supply Unit) for non-stop service assurance for your network, and Powerful FAN module for cooling system to make your system work with excellent performance.


• 1920 Gbps switching capacity 
• High Capacity OLT solution 
• 8/16 Ports GPON OLT solution 
• 8 Ports EPON OLT solution 
• 8 Ports XG-PON OLT solution 
• 8 Ports 10G-EPON OLT solution 
• Support full Redundancy(SFU, PWR, FAN, CLK) 
• Ultra low latency 
• High density 96 ports 10GbE / 160 Ports GPON 
• Scalability and line rate performance 
• Outstanding scalability and line rate performance 
• Real-time network traffic monitoring and analysis 
• Management via Dasan Management System (CLI) 
• SNMPv2/v3 with RMON, and Alarming 
• L2/L3/L4 H/W based ACL 
• User password protected system management 


Flash Memory 72MB
Service Port 10 Slots for IU(Interface Unit)
– IU_GT24 : 24 GTx Ports
– IU_GE24 : 24 GbE Optical Ports(SFP)
– IU_10GE8 : 8 10GbE Ports(SFP+)
– IU_GE8 : 8 GbE Ports(SFP)
– IU_GEPON8 : 8 EPON ports
– IU_10GEPON : 8 10G-EPON ports
– IU_GPON8 : 8 GPON ports
– IU_GPON16 : 16 GPON ports
– IU_XGPON8 : 8 XG-PON ports
Uplink Port 2 Slots for IU(Interface Unit)
– IU-10GE8 : 8 10GbE Ports(XFP)
Switching Fabric Unit 2 Slots for SFU
– 1 Console port (RS232) + 1 MGMT port (RJ45)
MAC Table 32K
Switching Capacity 1.92Tbps
Operating Temp. 0~50°C
Operating Humidity 5~90% (non-condensing)
Power Voltage Input : -48VDC (redundancy)
(W x H x D)
440 x 444 x 300 mm
Layer 2 • Standard Ethernet bridging
• Port/subnet/protocol-based VLAN
• Spanning tree: STP, RSTP, MSTP
• 802.3ad link aggregation
Layer 3 • IPv4 routing / IPv6 routing
• RIPv1/v2, OSPFv2, BGPv4
• Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
Multicast • IGMPv1/v2/v3, PIM-SM/SSM
• IGMP snooping
• Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR)
GPON • Remote ONT/MDU management
• Automatic ONT ranging
• Multiple T-CONTs per MDU (ONT)
• Supports up to 64 (max.128) connections over a single fiber
EPON • 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
• Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3ah
• DBA based on SLA
• Remote ONT/ONU management
• Automatic ONT ranging
• Deployments of FTTH/FTTB environments
Management • Serial / Telnet (CLI), SNMPv1/v2/v3, RMON
MPLS • RSVP-TE and path protection and local repair(Head-end role)
• EXP-based QoS
• Clock sync: BITS, IEEE 1588v2, SyncE
QoS • Traffic scheduling (SP, WRR, DRR)
• 8 queues per port
• Advanced traffic management – metering, egress shaping


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