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News Summary:

  • XCelerate by DZS increases the velocity with which service providers can leap to multi-gigabit services at scale by enabling rapid transition from GPON to XGS-PON and one gigabit Ethernet to 10 gigabit Ethernet via any service port across a range of existing DZS Velocity chassis and 10 gig optimized stackable options.
  • Anticipating the shift to increasingly open and decentralized networks, the breakthrough system-on-a-card architecture of XCelerate by DZS allows service providers to transition to disaggregated architectures at their own pace by leveraging the same equipment used to pivot to multi-gigabit services, dramatically enhancing the economics of network evolution.
  • Consolidated Communications to leverage XCelerate by DZS cards across its footprint of DZS Velocity chassis to accelerate rollout of multi-gigabit services to 1.6 million homes and small businesses.

PLANO, Texas, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DZS (NASDAQ: DZSI), a global leader in optical and packet-based mobile transport, broadband connectivity, and software defined networking solutions, today launched XCelerate by DZS, a new line of next generation, 10 gig-class fiber access line cards, access switches and fixed form factor optical line terminal (OLT) solutions that offer unrivalled multi-gigabit advanced services on any port (@ASAP) flexibility. Part of the DZS Velocity portfolio and powered by sdNOS, XCelerate by DZS is built to make mass scale 10 gig fiber-based service deployments possible at a lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) by protecting investments in current generation DZS systems, allowing investments in next generation DZS Velocity systems and accelerating the network transformation required to meet the emerging multi-gigabit, open and disaggregated future. Consolidated Communications (CCI), a top-ten national fiber provider in the United State when measured by route miles, is leveraging XCelerate by DZS solutions to pass over 1.6 million homes and small businesses over five years with symmetrical, multi-gigabit capable services enabled by XGS-PON technology (see companion news release).

Built with an innovative “system-on-a-card” architecture, this new product line supports a broad range of widely deployed and next generation fiber access technologies, including GPON/XGS-PON, 1 Gbps/10 Gbps Active Ethernet today and will expand to support the emerging 25GS-PON and 50G PON standards in the future. Unparalleled in the access industry, any of these gigabit and multi-gigabit services can be deployed @ASAP, enabling the seamless, cost effective and operationally optimized deployment of multiple technologies simultaneously and transition between these technologies instantly on any service port. Designed with an open, disaggregated future in mind, the XCelerate by DZS line of products are deployed in traditional CO/edge offices, as well as fully disaggregated scenarios supported by an SDN/NFV cloud-native deployment architecture. We believe that this unprecedented flexibility translates into compelling economic value for service providers, allowing them to transform at their own pace and at the industry’s lowest TCO while providing peace of mind that they can accelerate to a multi-gigabit, fully disaggregated future on demand.

“XCelerate by DZS represents a true technology breakthrough in the industry – enabling service providers to leverage each port in a new line of fixed form factor and small and large chassis systems to serve a variety of 10 gig-class services, depending on the needs of the end users,” said Miguel Alonso, Vice President of Global Product Management at DZS. “Furthermore, our unique ‘system-on-a-card’ innovation enables a non-blocking architecture for an unimpeded leap to not only multi-gigabit services, but also the ability to evolve seamlessly to a disaggregated, software-driven architecture with ease while leveraging the same systems. This combination can be game-changing for service providers and the economics and timing of their network transformation, allowing them the flexibility to evolve at their own pace, and even accelerate if and when necessary, without having to replace hardware along the way. We believe that this blows away estimated cost savings of 50% and higher often attributed to traditional combo cards as XCelerate by DZS class systems can support multi-gigabit on any port and transformation to disaggregated architectures in the same systems and are not aware of any other access vendors offering this level of versatility and value.”

The next generation XCelerate by DZS line was designed to achieve the highest-performance – high capacity, low latency, unrivaled flexibility and openness. While traditional combo card approaches claim savings of more than 50% in CAPEX, power and space, and significant extensions network asset lifespan, these solutions are only addressing part of the evolutionary challenge. Service providers that already have point-to-point architectures or that have prescriptive SLAs with key customers may need the flexibility to offer dedicated gigabit and multi-gigabit services, and should not be required to deploy separate specialized equipment to meet these needs. Additionally, most service providers recognize the value of open and disaggregated architectures and aspire to move to these models in the future. XCelerate by DZS class systems can support this transformation in the same deployed hardware, and do not require a future forklift upgrade like other vendors. Fifty percent savings for service providers deploying XCelerate by DZS solutions are just a starting point, and we believe network asset lifespan extensions are prolonged from a typical 3-5 years to beyond the foreseeable future.

The XCelerate by DZS solutions, which are stackable, universally manageable via sdNOS and ready for orchestration via DZS Cloud, include:

  • Fixed form factors: DZS Velocity V1-08XC and V1-16XC 1RU systems support a range of benefits, including easy migration from GPON to XGS-PON, non-blocking architecture, multiple 25 and 100 Gbps uplink ports and can be deployed in a range of ways: fixed, or modular, aggregated or disaggregated. The V1-16XC unit also offers double port density in the same form factor, Native NetConf/YANG and advanced integrated timing for mobile backhaul support.
  • Line cards: For deployment in V2 (2RU, 2 slot), V14 (14RU, 14 slot) and V16 (14RU, 16 slot) chasses, DZS Velocity solutions have been expanded to include Combo XGS-PON capable, dedicated XGS-PON and 100GE Fabric Aggregation Transport/Uplink cards that are built on the “system-on-a-card” architecture. Service cards enable the support of any gigabit or multi-gigabit service up to 10 gig today via any port, while fabric cards offer redundant 100 Gbps uplink capacity as well as EAPS support. This architecture is easily expandable to 25GS-PON and 50G PON as these technologies become standardized in the future. This new line also supports native NetConf/YANG management, as well as advanced integrated timing for mobile backhaul support.
  • Access switches: DZS Velocity V1-24XG, V1-24XT, V1-24GG, V1-24GT gigabit ethernet access switches offer 24 port, Layer 2, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps optical or electrical subscriber interfaces, NetConf/YANG management and control, and up to 100 Gbps (4x 25 Gbps) total uplink capacity in a compact 1RU form factor.

“DZS is committed to providing open, flexible solutions that enable service providers around the world to keep their eye on the destination – no matter what it is – and evolve at their own pace,” said Andrew Bender, Chief Technology Officer at DZS. “This stands in stark contrast to vendors who lock service providers into a proprietary architecture, require new equipment to offer next generation technologies or require an entirely new platform to unlock and enable disaggregated architecture functionality. As the industry moves towards a disaggregated future, DZS will continue to champion ‘Freedom of Choice’ by aligning ourselves with open standards, participating in industry organizations and investing in openness, interoperability and cutting-edge new architectures and platforms.”

To see DZS and the XCelerate by DZS family of solutions, visit the DZS booth 215 at Fiber Connect 2021 Conference & Expo, taking place July 26-27, 2021 in Nashville, TN.

For more information on the XCelerate by DZS family of solutions, visit https://dzsi.com/.




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