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Creating and enjoying an immersive in-home experience is a win-win for both service providers and subscribers. Our mission is to empower today’s service provider to become tomorrow’s experience provider by enabling them to seamlessly deliver the ultimate subscriber experience. A vital component of delivering a superior end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) is WiFi. It can also mean the difference between a very happy, loyal customer and one that is dissatisfied and potentially considering other alternatives.

Our research indicates that more than 70% of all broadband-related connectivity issues can be attributed to WiFi. This causes problems for both the subscriber and the service provider. The subscriber may feel as if they are not getting the services they are paying for, and their Quality of Experience (QoE) is not what it should be. When subscribers experience WiFi problems, service providers can be faced with unnecessary truck rolls, increased customer churn and loss of revenue.

More Control Equals Empowered, Loyal Subscribers

What if we could empower both the service provider and the subscriber to take more control of their networks? Let’s start with the subscriber. If an end-user has 25 different endpoints, and is having connectivity issues with their 8K YouTube or Vimeo streaming service, smart refrigerator, Ring doorbell and or surveillance cameras, their concerns generally lead them to first contact the service provider’s customer service department to help resolve their problem.

Through an intelligent and dynamic onboarding process that registers, catalogues and syncs to the cloud all their devices, DZS enables subscribers to conduct a quick auto-discovery exercise to isolate, diagnose and resolve issues. This saves the subscriber time and the frustration of being without a service they are paying for by enabling them to quickly resolve their own issue without having to place a customer service call.

Service providers can also give subscribers more power and control through innovative revenue-generating offerings. For example, they can offer consumers a menu of capabilities including the ability to instantly increase bandwidth, select more parental controls, provide low latency streaming to support immersive gaming applications, as well as improve cyber security for the home. These advanced services significantly increase subscriber satisfaction, loyalty and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

More Control Enables Service Providers to Deliver a Better QoE

Having a holistic view of a communications network is an extremely powerful tool. From a service provider perspective, one of the most critical enablers in the shift to experience provider is network awareness and AI-based analytics that deliver real-time insights and provide actionable intelligence and end-to-end visibility into the customer experience. Through full network awareness we give service providers more control to continually optimize, automate, monitor and manage their networks and assure services.

DZS uniquely delivers a comprehensive software-driven end-to-end solution that automates the network so service provider customers can readily create and launch new services and deliver analytics and intelligence across any underlying infrastructure while simultaneously managing service assurance and the subscriber experience. This also simplifies the process of adding equipment from different vendors in the network and ensures the optimal service performance, dramatically improving operational flexibility, while reducing costs and increasing subscriber loyalty.

In addition to improved operational efficiencies that deliver a better QoE, we are empowering forward-thinking service providers to significantly improve ARPU through non-traditional measures. For example, DZS offers customers innovative revenue sharing opportunities by delivering both the software and infrastructure needed within the home for improved experiences, such as intelligent and adaptive WiFi management along with WiFi 6 access points and EasyMesh WiFi extenders.

We also offer service providers the ability to tap into new revenue streams through bundling of several market-leading solutions including our DZS Cloud – DZS Xtreme and DZS CloudCheck software, DZS Velocity fiber broadband connectivity infrastructure and WiFi portfolio. In addition, we provide unrivaled end-to-end multi-vendor network orchestration, service assurance and WiFi experience management solutions, spanning the Optical Line Terminals (OLTs) sitting in the central office, to the Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) terminating fiber to the home, to the WiFi access points and WiFi extenders inside the home.

DZS Cloud solutions are deployed in tens of millions of connected homes around the world. We are laser-focused on helping our service provider customers deliver an unparalleled immersive in-home experience in the Metaverse-era. Our unique ability to give both service providers and subscribers more control of their networks is one of the most important distinguishing DZS characteristics. We believe it is a transformative trend that will define the future of tomorrow’s experience provider.

To learn more about how DZS can help you deliver the ultimate immersive in-home experience to your broadband internet subscribers, connect with us at CONTACT DZS.

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