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DZS Xperience Cloud is a vendor-neutral, AI-powered service assurance platform that helps ISPs optimize network performance and QoE by gaining end-to-end visibility and tight control over broadband access and home Wi-Fi networks. DZS delivers the solution as a fully managed service for time-to-value and operational simplicity. The solution helps improve customer experience and loyalty, unify and simplify operations, increase broadband service margins and upsell opportunities, and stand out from the competition.

Solutions Brief

DZS Xperience Cloud Overview

Key DZS Xperience Cloud Benefits


Increase ARPU up to 4X by upselling premium services

Customer Care Calls

Reduce customer care calls by 35% by automatically detecting and resolving issues

Customer Retention

Improve customer retention by 20% by optimizing QoE

Asset 24
Truck Rolls

Reduce truck rolls by 16% by avoiding unnecessary dispatches

Standards-Based Agent

Runs on a variety of residential access points, routers, and gateways from DZS and 3rd party vendors

Browser-Based GUIs

Rich interface for customer care and network operations teams

AI/ML Services

Transforms raw agent and network element telemetry data into meaningful and actionable information

Mobile App

Brandable, self-service mobile app for subscribers

Built-In Data Analytics Reports

Designed specifically for the needs of organizational stakeholders and business leaders

How It Works

Home Wi-Fi Network Management Solution

Efficiently monitor, manage, and optimize residential Wi-Fi networks. The solution identifies and resolves in-home Wi-Fi coverage, congestion, configuration, and CPE issues that can impair service quality and hinder customer satisfaction. The solution helps you improve subscriber experience, streamline customer care, avoid unnecessary truck rolls, and increase business and engineering insights.

Key Features

  • Intelligent optimization
  • Reactive customer care
  • Proactive reporting
  • Subscriber control and self-help
  • Network health and performance insights
  • Firmware analysis
  • Data analytics
  • Network speed compliance reporting
  • Premium cyber security

Broadband Access Network Management Solution

Efficiently monitor and manage broadband access networks. Designed for heterogeneous, multivendor deployments, the solution interfaces with optical broadband access technologies and network elements (OLTs) using standard protocols like SNMP, TL1, and Telnet. DZS Xperience Cloud features AI-based diagnostics and recommendations engines that makes it easy to identify, isolate, and resolve problems. The solution helps optimize broadband QoE, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce support costs.

Key Features

  • Full visibility
  • AI-based diagnostics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Network operation GUI
  • Northbound APIs
  • Data-drive insights

Add-On Features

  • DZS Shield – Cybersecurity: Shield your subscribers from cyber-attacks and keep their data safe with advanced protection against hackers and other cyber-threats. Keep minors safe from inappropriate content with family-friendly content filtering. Feel confident that you’ve provided your subscribers with the ultimate protection from online threats.
  • TruSpeed – Speed Testing & Reporting: Get up-to-date information on your network’s performance with TruSpeed’s advanced speed tests for regulatory reporting and self-service troubleshooting capabilities. Make sure your network is running at optimal performance and stay on top of regulatory requirements with ease.

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