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About DZS

DZS (Nasdaq: DZSI) is a global leader of access, optical and cloud-controlled software defined solutions. Our software and network innovations are empowering communications service providers to reimagine their EDGE and transform their businesses and network infrastructure to become the experience providers of tomorrow.

More than 400 service providers across more than 70 countries rely on DZS systems, platforms, and services, which connect to over 70 million homes and businesses. In fact, 30 of the top 50 telecom providers in the world depend on DZS for their fixed, mobile and converged broadband services.

Our Mission: DZS solutions are enabling today’s communications service providers to transform into tomorrow’s experience providers. We empower our customers to revolutionize their Access, Subscriber, Optical, and Cloud EDGE. Through our game-changing technology innovation, we aim to create a world that is hyper-connected, while also helping our customers achieve faster response times and operational efficiencies. This allows them to disrupt their markets and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

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A Message From Our President & CEO

DZS is at the forefront of the emerging hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world. With the communications industry evolving at an ever- increasing pace, service providers and enterprises are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

In order to thrive in this new environment, these companies need next-generation technologies and world-class solutions to be agile, compete and win.

DZS is here to enable the winners of this hyper-connected world.

Charlie Vogt

CEO & President

A pioneer in disaggregated platforms, SDN, and virtualization, DZS provides service providers and enterprises with the innovation that leads to future-proof networks and outstanding performance. We strive to arm our customers with the agility, network resources and deployment freedom they need to lead in their markets and deliver an unrivaled communications experience.

We take pride in our role as a global leader in offering innovative hyper-broadband solutions across fiber, copper, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks on highly reliable platforms that deliver a sensational end-user experience today and into the future.

We at DZS foster a relentless focus and pursuit to provide our customers with best-in-class technology, service and support. Emerging technology themes and trends, such as 5G, IOT, AI/ML, Interactive Gaming, OTT Streaming, Cloud Virtualization, Software-Defined Networking and Optical Local Area Networking, increasingly are enablers for innovation and technology differentiation for DZS and its solutions.

Never before have service providers experienced so much growth opportunity with so many technology and operational hurdles. For DZS, we believe that spells opportunity both for us, and for our customers.

President & CEO


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History of Innovation

Founded in 1999, DZS has a long history of technology and innovation

Acquired CloudCheck and Expresse
$64M follow-on equity offering

Shipped 1.5M mobile ports
Acquired Optelian and Rift
Launched DZS Chronos, Velocity, Helix, DZS Cloud & XCelerate by DZS

Launched new DZS brand

Introduced world's 1st O-RAN Network
Extended BBF CloudCo demo to 10G PON

Introduced 5G fronthaul solutions in Japan

World's 1st CloudCo demo
Acquired KEYMILE

DASAN Zone Solutions rebrands as DZS
Zhone and DASAN merge

DASAN Zhone Solutions formed
1st 10G switches introduced at KDDI

Introduced MXK-F Portfolio

Opened Vietnam Center of Excellence

Introduced FiberLAN
DASAN Opens Pangyo Office
Introduced MXK Portfolio

Shipped 1st Mobile Transport Products

Entered Japanese Market

Shipped 1st FTTP network to KT
Won SoftBank as a customer

Built 1st ADSL2 IP-DSLAM

Acquired Paradyne

Entered European Market

Acquired Gluon Networks
Acquired Sorrento Networks


Acquired Tellium

Built 1st Linux Router

Acquired Nortel Access Node

Zhone Founded

Our Story

A Network Pushed to the Edge: The global communications industry is undergoing a massive shift propelled by new technologies and skyrocketing bandwidth demands. The need for enhanced performance is being driven by the emergence of new virtual applications and a better broadband experience.

To meet these demands, service providers are pushing both compute and intelligence to the network edge – closer to where data is created and consumed, and the subscriber experience is defined. Traditional network architectures, operational methodologies and business models are not well-suited for this new environment, and traditional industry vendors have been slow to react, protecting investments made in legacy product lines and pursuing business practices that are not aligned with long-term service provider success.

A New Company Architected to Challenge the Status Quo: In 2020, a new global communications company was born to take full advantage of this emerging world. DZS was founded through the vision and leadership of serial industry disruptor and renowned company builder Charlie Vogt, who has systematically assembled a formidable innovation team and engine focused on meeting the demands of the future, developing breakthrough and high-quality solutions, and helping service providers transform their networks and operations to achieve a competitive edge through an integrated suite that includes:

  • 10 Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (10Gig PON)
  • 5G Open RAN transport
  • Software-defined networking
  • Broadband service performance and assurance
  • Environmentally hardened access and optical designs necessary for the emerging network edge

Delivering a Competitive Edge to the Winning Service Providers of Tomorrow: By unifying its global operations and product innovation teams and instilling a pervasive customer-first attitude and agile mindset, DZS is delivering on its commitment to service providers, and the success of this strategy has been undeniable.

Since 2020, DZS has booked over $1 billion in new orders, raised over $100M in new investment, and won over 200 new customers, including some of the largest and most respected carriers in the world. It has also revamped its quality control, support, and services processes and resources to deliver exceptional performance and responsiveness. Today, with over 400 customers, 60,000 systems deployed, and 70 million cloud-connected subscribers globally, DZS has the scope and scale of business that allows it to lead markets in which it competes while remaining agile and responsive to change. DZS’ new products have received numerous industry accolades.

Gain Your EDGE with DZS and Transform from Service Provider to Experience Provider: DZS solutions deliver the intelligence to glean the actionable insights necessary for new service opportunities, faster response times, and dramatic operational savings. As its customers embrace its EDGE solutions, DZS empowers them to establish their competitive EDGE and enables them to transform from today’s “Service Providers” into tomorrow’s “Experience Providers”.

By partnering with DZS and embracing the company’s market-leading AccessOpticalSubscriber and Cloud EDGE solutions, our customers will be the technology winners in their markets, with systems and platforms that scale and adapt to the capacity and performance challenges of today and in the future.

Be Bold and Reimagine Your EDGE with DZS!

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