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Looking to Deploy Multi-Gig Services in Your Network?

Multi-gig services are becoming a major source of differentiation for service providers.

Even though multi-gig services may not be necessary for residential customers today, there is little doubt that applications like augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), gaming, metaverse, telehealth and even self-driving cars will require these speeds in the future.

Service providers can establish themselves as the technology leaders in their markets by being the first to make multi-gig services widely available.


Why DZS?

DZS service provider customers are among the first in the world to offer multi-gig services to their subscribers, and we have a long history of providing technologies like XGS-PON, 10G EPON and 10gig Point-to-Point (P2P) that can support these services. In fact, our DZS Xcelerate combination card allows our customers to offer these services, as well as GPON, out of any port.

Let DZS help you unleash hyper-fast multi-gig broadband and deliver the ultimate subscriber experience.

Drivers for Offering Multi-Gig Services

Be First to Market with Advanced Services

Service take rates overall are likely to go up, even if subscribers don’t take the Multi-Gig option

Businesses Need Multi-Gig Services Today

10 Gig networks can easily support the needs of both business and residential customers – Serve these high-margin customers efficiently

Serve 10 Gig from any port with DZS Xcelerate

The cost of XGS-PON-capable combo cards over GPON is minimal – Smart service providers preemptively place 10 Gig in their networks now


DZS Xcelerate Unleashes Hyper-Fast Broadband Featuring Multi-Gig Services

Chief Product Officer Miguel Alonso and Home Edge product leader Eric Wulfsberg discuss the drivers, features and differentiators of DZS 10gig products.

Deploying Multi-Gig Services is a Multi-Variable Question

Before you jump into multi-gig services deployment, it is best to review your network evolution goals. For example, are you targeting these services for all users or premium or business users? Is your preferred network PON or Point-to-Point? Is the premium you pay for “combo” cards offset by not having to rearchitect in the future? If you are already considering 10gig services – should you be investing in a platform that can handle 50gig services or more in the future? Is the ability to leap to a disaggregated architecture important to you? Will you become locked into a single-source network? If you do plan for multiple vendors, how will you manage them?

These are all questions and scenarios that DZS can help address. Unleash hyper-fast multi-gig broadband with DZS.


Consolidated Communications

Nationwide: Consolidated Communications Partners with DZS to Bring Multi-Gigabit Fiber Network to 1.6M Locations


First Electric Cooperative

Arkansas: DZS and Irby Utilities Help First Electric Cooperative Offer Gigabit+ Broadband to Over 99,000 Member Accounts in Homes and Businesses in Central and Southeastern Arkansas


Convergenze S.p.A. Società Benefit

Italy: Convergenze S.p.A. Società Benefit First to Deploy 10Gbps Internet Services in Southern Italy with XGS-PON Technology from DZS


Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company Upgrades Legacy Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Network with DZS Next Generation Active Ethernet and 10G PON Solutions

When it comes to multi-gig broadband services, DZS has you covered

DZS offers a wide array of systems, Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), gateways and software that allow you to maximize your multi-gig offerings.

DZS Velocity
DZS Helix
DZS Cloud
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