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Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)

As a wireless internet service provider, you are poised to capitalize on unprecedented government and private investor funded multi-gigabit broadband rollouts globally.

As the catalysts for broadband innovation across the globe and being among the first to market with broadband services unbridled by legacy infrastructure, you are leading the charge to bridge the digital divide.

As demand for high-speed broadband services increases, you may be transitioning your wireless subscriber relationships to fiber-enabled fixed services with higher potential Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and customer satisfaction rates.


Why DZS?

DZS has a long, successful history of partnering with many of the most successful WISPs around the world to rapidly roll out differentiated multi-gigabit services.

WISPs have always been ahead of the curve – fiber keeps them in front. DZS enables you to become a technology and agility leader, delivering the ultimate subscriber experience.

Why WISPs are Capturing a Disproportionate Share of the Broadband Market


WISPs are adept at introducing new technologies and transitioning wireless subscriber relationships into fiber customers


Delivering best-in-market broadband services and bundles at a very competitive price


Adopting quickly to the latest technological innovations in network and in-home infrastructure like PON and WiFi

Customer Success

Airband Leverages DZS Fiber Solutions to Bring Gigabit Broadband Services to Rural UK

Hybrid wireless/fiber innovator trades wireless connections for world-class wireline fiber connectivity – see ability to rapidly migrate as a “game-changer”

Differentiate as an Experience Provider

Although WISPs are often the first broadband service provider in many markets, it is often not long before others try to challenge their success. In many markets, WISPs are becoming market disruptors, replacing their fixed wireless equipment with fixed fiber solutions and taking their subscriber experience to another level.

DZS GPON/ XGS-PON network, service assurance, AI-based analytics and cloud-based WiFi management solutions can deliver the ultimate broadband subscriber experience to WISP customers, driving increased loyalty, lower churn and higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Unleash hyper-fast broadband with DZS.

Case Studies

Innovative WISPs Successfully Deploy Fiber Broadband

DZS is a trusted partner enabling WISPs to deliver the most innovative, cost-effective and hyper-fast gigabit broadband infrastructure and transform into broadband experience providers. Our open solutions are uniquely architected to provide world-class broadband performance with unrivaled flexibility and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Learn more about how these innovative service providers worked with DZS to build their transformational broadband businesses and connect communities.


UIA and DZS Team to Bring First Symmetrical Gigabit Hyper-Broadband Services to California’s Inland Empire

Since 2015, Ultimate Internet Access (UIA) has teamed with DZS to build a world-class fiber optic infrastructure that bring gigabit services to Ontario and surrounding communities in California’s Inland Empire. DZS has been a strategic partner and enabler throughout UIA’s rapid growth and business transformation, providing highly scalable and environmentally hardened DZS Velocity platforms deployed throughout UIA’s service area, as well as a variety of DZS Helix WiFi gateways to provide a stellar in-home experience. UIA is changing the competitive landscape in this highly competitive region, tripling its customer base over the last 5 years by shifting from basic internet connectivity to services 100 times faster than competitors.


Airband leverages DZS to bring gigabit connectivity to the rural UK market

This growing rural broadband services specialist has leveraged the ability to rapidly deploy a fiber/wireless technology mix as a “game-changer” in its markets. Airband actively complements its extensive wireless broadband network with targeted deployments for fiber-based gigabit services in areas where competition is growing or ARPU opportunities seem to exist. This business combination has aided their business model greatly, and led to further marketing penetration


Myakka Communications Leverages Government Stimulus to Deliver “Broadband to the Boonies” at Symmetrical Gig Speeds in Central Florida with DZS

Since 2011, DZS and Myakka Communications have been transforming the broadband experiences in central Florida with world-class fiber Access Edge solutions. Since moving from being a WISP to their DZS-based network, downtime has been close to zero and service calls have decreased by over 90%.


Vianet Leverages Broadband Stimulus Funds and DZS Fiber-to-the-Home Solutions to Shift from Fixed Wireless to Fiber-based Services

Regional broadband leader leverages resilient, cost-effective DZS fiber access technology to make high-speed connectivity a reality for underserved Canadians in the Township of Carling and beyond.

Helping WISPs Transform with Fiber-based Broadband and Experience Innovation

DZS solutions provide WISPs with the agility they need to rapidly introduce, turn up and scale next-generation fiber-based services and a highly differentiated experience on a pay-as-you-grow basis. Our advanced Cloud software solutions combine with a wide range of form factors that scale from compact, modular fixed systems to large chassis with industry-leading density. DZS solutions transform WISPs into experience providers delivering next-generation, hyper-fast broadband services and immersive in-home experiences to your markets.

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