[NEWS] DZS Completes NetComm Acquisition

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The golden opportunity to challenge incumbents

Altnet Service Providers, often also referred to as Fiber Overbuilders and fiber innovators, are the catalysts for broadband innovation across the globe. Unbridled by legacy infrastructure, you are is taken advantage of new technologies and business models to bring world-class broadband connectivity, instant turn-up of services and immersive in-home WiFi experiences to a wide variety of markets –underserved, unserved, and even highly competitive.

Characterized by agility, you bring a “can do” attitude and desire to introduce new services to your markets and subscribers, a need to differentiate their brand and scale with finite resources, and a “pay-as-you-grow” philosophy that values flexible architectures and business models and close vendor relationships.

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Why DZS?

DZS has a long history of partnering and enabling many of the most successful Altnet Service Providers around the world, helping them to roll out differentiated multi-gigabit services and take ownership of the ultimate subscriber experience, all while driving operational costs out of their network and introducing new services.

Let DZS help you to unleash hyper-fast broadband and deliver an unparalleled subscriber experience.

Why Altnets are capturing a disproportionate share of the broadband market?

As an Altnet, you are challenging incumbent service providers and growing at an exponential rate, connecting rural and underserved communities with hyper-fast broadband services across the globe.

Be Tech-Savvy

Quickly adopt the latest technological advancements in software, AI, PON, 5G and WiFi

Be Agile

Turn up broadband connectivity services almost instantly by leveraging new software tools

Be Value-Based

Deliver multi-gigabit broadband services and bundles at a competitive price


Freedom Fibre Brings High-Performance Fiber Access to Northwest England

Fiber innovator works with TalkTalk to bring high-powered GPON and XGS-PON broadband access to thousands of homes, while saving time and costs for the operator.


Altnets Successfully Deploy Fiber Broadband

DZS is a trusted partner enabling Altnet Service Providers and Fiber Overbuilders to deliver the most innovative, cost-effective and hyper-fast gigabit broadband infrastructure and successfully compete with incumbents.

Our solutions are uniquely architected to provide open and world-class broadband performance with unrivaled flexibility and the lowest total cost of ownership.

See for yourself how these service providers worked with DZS to transform their broadband businesses and connect communities.


Tachus Leverages DZS to Deliver Symmetrical Gigabit Services

Since 2019, Tachus has teamed with DZS to build a world-class fiber optic infrastructure that passes over 25,000 homes in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.

DZS has been a strategic partner and enabler throughout Tachus’ rapid growth, providing highly scalable and environmentally hardened DZS Velocity platforms deployed from central offices and cabinets throughout Tachus’ service area, as well as a variety of DZS Helix ONTs to terminate GPON at each premises depending on the service need.

With growth in both new customers and upgrade requests continuing even during the global pandemic, Tachus has continued to accelerate forward, recently implementing 10 Gbps XGS-PON services in parts of its network.


Delivering Hyper-Fast and Ultra-Convenient Gigabit Connectivity

4th Utility is an independent broadband ISP that partners with landlords, developers and builders, to accelerate their nationwide UK fiber buildout featuring state-of-the-art Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technology and revolutionary service provisioning software.

Recognizing that fast, reliable broadband connectivity has become as essential UK homes and businesses as water, power and waste management, 4th Utility takes connectivity to a new level enabling symmetrical gigabit-capable services within 60 seconds of starting the service-the-service initiation process, which stands in stark contrast to a typical five working day activation window for other UK providers offering similar services.


Beanfield Expands Symmetrical Gigabit Services into Montreal

Beanfield Metroconnect leverages DZS solutions to bring its highly successful portfolio of residential and business broadband services to Montreal, Canada.

A specialist in providing a full spectrum of advanced broadband services to multi-dwelling units (MDUs), multi-tenant units (MTUs) and small businesses, DZS has been a key strategic supplier to Beanfield during its period of rapid growth.

With more than 700 buildings in Canada already leveraging DZS Helix Optical Networking Terminals (ONTs) and GPON technology, DZS solutions enable Beanfield to deliver world-class services to thousands of MDUs, MTUs, campuses and potential customers passed by the largest independent fiber optic network covering Canada’s two largest cities.

Leading the Way with Innovation

DZS solutions provide you the agility to rapidly introduce, turn-up and scale next-generation fiber-based services and a highly differentiated experience on a pay-as-you-grow basis. Unparalleled Cloud software solutions combined with a wide range of form factors that scale from compact, pay-as-you grow fixed form factor systems to large chassis with industry-leading density, DZS solutions transform you into an experience provider delivering next-gen, hyper-fast broadband services and immersive in-home experiences to your community.

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