[NEWS] DZS Completes NetComm Acquisition

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Telcom Service Providers

It is likely you have or are currently expanding your service offerings with broadband connectivity. As a result, you’ll experience some of the highest growth opportunities the communications industry has seen in the last decade.

As consumers and businesses embrace hyper-fast broadband services, new competitors and pressures to deliver innovative services are forcing service providers to transform their networks and business models.

Unprecedented government funding is available to help accelerate this transformation. Incumbent telecommunications service providers have the advantage of brand recognition and embedded network scale in the markets they serve, but that does not mean their path to future success is easy.

New competitors are emerging, broadband demands continue to increase and new technologies are creating opportunities for improved efficiencies and untapped revenue streams.


How Forward-Thinking Telcos are Differentiating as Experience Providers

Incumbent telcos are challenging new competitors in their markets by transforming from technology providers to broadband experience providers while upgrading their networks to next-generation fiber access edge technologies.

Flipping the script and transitioning from market incumbent to disruptor, telcos are leveraging their reputation for service as they differentiate their WiFi performance and network responsiveness. DZS Cloud software solutions are key enablers of this transformation, taking the subscriber experience to another level. Our GPON/ XGS-PON network, service assurance, AI-based analytics and cloud-based WiFi management solutions help our customers deliver the ultimate broadband subscriber experience.

Forward-thinking service providers are upgrading their networks to fiber, introducing new multi-gigabit services and taking ownership of the customer experience, while driving operational costs out of their networks and rapidly introducing new services.

The successful telcos of tomorrow will be characterized by their agility and desire to introduce new services to their markets and subscribers, and a need to differentiate their brand and scale efficiently.

DZS has a long history of partnering with telcos of all sizes around the world, helping to rapidly roll out differentiated multi-gigabit services and take ownership of the ultimate subscriber experience.

Let DZS help you to unleash hyper-fast broadband and deliver an unparalleled subscriber experience.

Transform Your Network, Business Models, and Build Market Leadership

Upgrade Infrastructure

Transitioning networks to fiber and embracing new technologies like AI, PON, 5G and WiFi

Increase Agility

Open architecture and Software Defined Networking enables rapidly turn up broadband connectivity and introduce new services

Leverage Inherent Assets

Incumbents are trusted and omni-present, often benefiting from high adoption rates if they exhibit a first-mover mentality


DZS Xcelerate Allows Telcos to Seamlessly Transition to Next-Generation Services at Their Own Speed

DZS Access Edge solutions offer a wide range of form factors that scale from compact, pay-as-you grow, fixed systems to large chassis with industry-leading density. Ready for multi-gigabit services, disaggregated architectures and the leap from technology provider to experience provider today? DZS can help you transform to next-generation, fiber-based solutions and a new, agile business model.


Leading Incumbent Telcos Successfully Transition to Next-Generation Technology

DZS is a trusted partner enabling incumbent telcos to deliver the most innovative, cost-effective and hyper-fast gigabit broadband infrastructure and maintain market leadership in their communities.

Our solutions are uniquely architected to provide an open and world-class broadband performance with unrivaled flexibility and the lowest total cost of ownership. Learn more about how these innovative service providers worked with DZS to build their transformational broadband businesses and connect communities.


Consolidated Brings Multi-Gig Services to 1.6 Million Locations

For more than a decade, Consolidated Communications (CCI) and DZS have been innovating together to expand into new markets and deliver next gen broadband services. Currently, the two companies are partnering to bring multi-gigabit services to more than 70% of their national footprint.


KCOM Expands Award-Winning Lightstream Fiber Access Network in UK with DZS

One of two incumbent service providers in the UK, KCOM is recognized for delivering the fastest average broadband speeds in the country. Since 2000, DZS has supported KCOM in building out this world-class network, including its Lightstream fiber broadband services in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire which are forays outside of its traditional incumbent markets.


Northeast Nebraska Telephone Upgrades Legacy FTTH Network with Next Generation Active Ethernet and PON Solutions from DZS

Although Northeast Nebraska Telephone (NNTC) was one of the first deployers of Active Ethernet technology in the U.S., the equipment they had originally deployed had reached the end of its useful life. DZS was able to step in and rapidly provide NNTC with a clear path to next generation 10 Gig services and a seamless technology transition that serves 24 counties and over 30 communities.


Canada’s TELUS Selects DZS Cloud (DZS Xtreme) for Network Service Orchestration, Slice Management and Software Automation

Incumbent Telcos Unleash Hyper-Fast Broadband with DZS

DZS solutions provide incumbent telcos the agility to rapidly introduce, turn up and scale next-generation fiber-based services and a highly differentiated experience on a pay-as-you-grow basis. Our advanced Cloud software solutions combine with a wide range of form factors that scale from compact, pay-as-you grow fixed systems to large chassis with industry-leading density. DZS solutions transform telcos from technology providers to broadband experience providers. Leading incumbent telcos leverage DZS to deliver next-generation, hyper-fast broadband services and immersive in-home experiences that provide the following market differentiators:

Access Edge
Subscriber Edge
Cloud Software
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