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Educational Institutions Embrace High-Speed Broadband for Enhanced Campus Connectivity

Educational institutions of all kinds, especially universities and college campuses, are under pressure to deliver students, faculty and staff world-class broadband, extensive WiFi and unparalleled video and voice services. At the same time, large, complex campus networks need flexible, reliable high-performance multi-service solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements.

For many campuses, aging copper wiring facilities are no longer meeting the demands of the hyper-connected world. Many are ready to expand to gigabit services to support today’s needs of students, faculty and staff and future-proof their networks for tomorrow’s generations.


Why DZS?

DZS converged Passive Optical Local Area Network (LAN) solutions help a wide range of educational entities, from universities and college campuses to elementary schools and entire school districts to deliver a world-class hyper-connected experience.

Campuses Thrive with DZS Fiber-based Solutions


Enables students to leverage cutting-edge fixed fiber access and WiFi solutions for optimal connectivity across the campus

Game-Changing Efficiency

Passive Optical LAN architectures deliver dramatic improvements over traditional point-to-point approaches, with lower power

Future Proof

DZS solutions offer multi-gig services today, with 10 Gbps widely deployed and an easy path to 25/50/100 Gbps out of the same equipment


DZS Helps Washington State University (WSU) Deliver Hyper-Fast Connectivity to Students

WSU needed to replace its aging copper wiring to bring hyper-fast connectivity to students. DZS Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solutions saved the university more than $500,000 versus traditional approaches while ensuring room to easily grow and scale as future demand requires.

Accelerate Your Campus Transformation to a Hyper-Connected and Immersive Experience with DZS

DZS has a long history of partnering with and enabling many successful educational campuses around the world to offer hyper-fast connectivity to students, faculty and staff. The broad portfolio of DZS solutions allows educational campuses to successfully and cost-effectively reach every dorm room, classroom, common area and research facility with carrier-grade reliability at low operational costs.

If you are an educational institution considering transforming your campus to world-class broadband, let DZS help you unleash hyper-fast broadband and create unmatched and immersive WiFi experiences.


Educational Institutions Successfully Deploy DZS Fiber Broadband for Hyper-Fast Connectivity

DZS is a trusted partner enabling educational institutions around the world to become fiber-based gigabit broadband enablers. Our open solutions are uniquely architected to provide world-class broadband performance with unrivaled flexibility and the lowest total cost of ownership. Learn more about how these forward-thinking institutions worked with DZS to build their successful hyper-connected experience throughout their facilities and across campus.

Billing Public Schools

DZS and Billing Public School District Bring Fiber Connectivity to more than 16,000 Students across 22 Campuses.

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Grace Christian School

Grace Christian School Supports Digital Learning with DZS Fiber Access Solutions Across 45-room Campus.

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Washington State University

DZS Delivers a World-Class Experience Cost-Effectively to Washington State University’s Global Scholars Hall Residential Facility.

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DZS is a founding member of APOLAN

The Association of Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN) provides advocacy, education and resources to companies, institutions and communities that want to deploy the best fiber communications networks.

This member-led association collaborates with industry allies to propel fiber deployments across educational institutions and campuses.

Delivering Fiber-based Connectivity Solutions That Transform Educational Institutions

DZS solutions provide educational institutions with a highly differentiated experience and the agility to rapidly introduce, turn up and scale to next-generation fiber-based services when they are ready. Our best-in-class Cloud software solutions combine with a wide range of form factors that scale from compact, pay-as-you grow fixed systems to large chassis with industry-leading density. DZS solutions transform your educational community with next-generation, hyper-fast broadband services and immersive experiences.

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