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Utility & Electric Co-ops

Electric cooperatives and utilities expanding into broadband services have been among the highest growth areas in the communications industry over the last decade.

Now, government stimulus programs and compelling success stories are causing this market to grow even faster globally.

One hundred years ago, electric cooperatives and power companies stepped up to build the essential service of the 20th century – electricity – for their communities and regions.

Fast forward to present day, as you step up to leverage elements of that foundational infrastructure to bring the next essential service of the 21st century to your communities: fiber-based broadband.


Already known and trusted in the areas you serve, broadband is viewed as a complementary business model, a way to stimulate economic development and in many cases take advantage of symbiotic power efficiency initiatives like “smart grid.”

Leveraging communications networks that monitor substations, pole infrastructure and billing and support systems, you may already be using new technologies to bring world-class broadband services to underserved and unserved markets.

DZS has a long history of partnering with and enabling many of the most successful electric broadband service providers around the world, helping them to deploy differentiated gigabit and now multi-gigabit services in their communities efficiently and effectively.

Let DZS help you to unleash hyper-fast broadband and deliver an unparalleled subscriber experience.

How Electric Coops and Utilities are Expanding into the Broadband Market

Tapping the Right Partners

Team up with vendors and engineering firms that have a history of broadband success

Enabling Best-in-Class Technology

Bring the latest software, AI, PON, 5G and WiFi to market and stimulate economic development

Leveraging Reputation & Experience

Already trusted and respected, electric coops and utilities need to translate their strengths to become broadband experience providers

Customer Success

DZS and Irby Enable Craighead Electric to Market Leap to Fiber-enabled Smart Grid and Gigabit Broadband in Rural Arkansas

Craighead Electric’s “Empower” service, catalyzed via US government CAR II and RDOF funds, has now connected over 10,000 locations during the last few years. Leveraging DZS and Irby know-how and Craighead inspiration, they have modernized their electrical grid with a communications network that delivers gigabit broadband services to the region.


Innovative Electric Coops and Utilities Successfully Deploy Fiber Broadband

DZS is a trusted partner enabling electric cooperatives and utilities to deliver the most innovative, cost-effective hyper-fast gigabit broadband infrastructure that transforms their communities. As you leverage government stimulus programs to offset their costs. DZS solutions are uniquely architected to provide an open and world-class broadband performance with unrivaled flexibility and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Learn more about how these innovative electric coops and utilities worked with DZS to build their transformational broadband businesses and connect communities.


NetCom BW brings high-speed Internet to Bavaria with DZS

NetCom BW, a Subsidiary of Germany’s 3rd Largest Energy Provider (EnBW), Relies of DZS for Fiber Optic Expansion

NetCom BW has leveraged broadband subsidies in Germany to connect underserved rural areas in Baden-Wurttemberg and neighboring Bavaria. DZS Velocity solutions provide a world-class fiber optic infrastructure that reaches across the region. DZS has been a long-time strategic partner to NetCom providing highly scalable and environmentally hardened platforms deployed throughout their service area.


DZS and Irby Utilities Help First Electric Cooperative Offer Gigabit+ Broadband Across Arkansas

Connect2First, a subsidiary of First Electric Utilities, is now leveraging government stimulus funds to build the largest XGS-PON network in the state of Arkansas.

Covering over 18 counties and nearly 100,000 member accounts, this ambitious project will dramatically improve the quality of life and bring new economic opportunities to this underserved region.


4-County Electric Power Association Brings Multi-Gigabit Broadband and Smart Grid to Mississippi

DZS and Irby Help 4-County Electric Power Association Bring Multi-Gigabit Broadband and Smart Grid Connectivity to Rural Mississippi

4-County is leveraging DZS platforms and solutions as it brings Gigabit+ services to 9 counties in eastern Mississippi. Part of its FASTnet Fiber program that leverages CARES and RDOF funds, over 40,000 homes and businesses will use DZS Velocity Access Edge and Helix Home Edge solutions to receive packages ranging from 200 Mbps to 1 Gig.

Seamlessly Transition to Broadband & Smart Grid

DZS solutions provide electric cooperatives and utilities with the agility to rapidly introduce, turn-up and scale next-generation fiber-based services through a differentiated pay-as-you-grow approach. Our advanced Cloud software solutions combine with a wide range of form factors that scale from compact, modular fixed systems to large chassis for industry-leading density. DZS enables new broadband service providers to transform into experience providers, delivering next-generation, hyper-fast broadband services and immersive in-home experiences.

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