[NEWS] DZS Completes NetComm Acquisition

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Project Management & Consulting

Each network is unique, and specific circumstances and marginal conditions can have a big impact on network performance and operations. DZS consulting and planning services include studies and analysis of the current network situation and recommendations for further optimization.

Likewise, joint best practice workshops for optimized broadband access solutions help our customers to continuously improve their network solutions and customer services.

Typical issues in connection with the further, intensified expansion of fiber-based network solutions:

  • When and how are investments amortized by considering different technologies, such as passive or active network solutions (xPON/P2MP vs. AON/P2P)?
  • Which architecture approaches lead to the desired target – FTTC, FTTdp, FTTB or FTTH?
  • What are the pros and cons of different broadband technologies and how can they be integrated with existing network infrastructures?
  • How do you utilize SCRUM and Agile methodologies in your cloud automation?

Project Services

Creating new and expanding existing networks bears requirements that do not only require special skills but must also be carefully coordinated with the everyday business of the network operator.

DZS offers complete site engineering, installation, test, turn-up and turn-key solutions.

  • Customer Delivery Program Managers
  • Track each project internal/external for a given account
  • Track internal projects/NPIs across accounts/orgs
  • End to end view of a given account progress
  • Customer paid PMs for big accounts
  • Weekly/Monthly Exec Dashboard Reports
  • Warehouse storage or operation of on-demand storage/interim storage for order picked goods
  • Assembly of the DZS technology as well as of 3rd party equipment indoor and outdoor Cold commissioning of DZS technology as well as of 3rd party equipment
  • Project planning, assembly and cold commissioning of servicing interfaces


With the combination of services and hardware supply from one hand, the customer receives a complete and checked system ready for operation. In the framework of our total service, we also coordinate the different suppliers and service providers.

Deliver Deployments with Confidence

Project Management

Project Management that covers multi-solutions, multi-vendors

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts in your domain for your operations

Operational Efficiency

Achieve Operational Efficiency via SCRUM/Agile Implementation

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