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Create Transformational Services Quickly & Easily

Taming the complexity of digital transformation requires CSPs to be able to create, qualify, and deploy carrier-grade services rapidly.  This means that every step in the life cycle of a service, from onboarding new equipment and new software, through testing and deployment, to operations, administration, and management, needs to be efficient with a high degree of automation.

DZS Xtreme simplifies this process through an intent-engine that helps you design the next transformational service quickly with minimal code, while our model-driven architecture ensures any integration with your ecosystem suppliers are done only once and reusable for any service thereafter.

DZS Xtreme: Simplify creation, deployment, and management of end-to-end connectivity services including access, transport, and 5G slices across multi-vendor network elements, network functions, and cloud infrastructure.
DZS Xtreme Access monitor

DZS Xtreme Access

DZS Xtreme Mobile monitor

DZS Xtreme Mobile

DZS Xtreme Transport monitor

DZS Xtreme Transport

DZS Xtreme Benefits

Easy to Use

Wizard-driven UIs simplify the most complex of tasks, from creating new services for your customers to multi-location, multi-cloud deployments.

Easy to Integrate

Self-serve, low-code integrations and APIs simplify integration to OSS/BSS, CRM, Inventory, Network Elements, Network Functions and more.

End-to-End Intelligence

Build services from multi-domain Network Elements, Network Functions and clouds from customer edge to access to core.

DZS Xtreme

Digital Transformation for Service Providers, made simple

Don’t be content with being an infrastructure supplier, use automation to create an operating model as efficient as hyperscale companies, but at carrier-grade performance and assurance levels that hyperscalers cannot match.

Converge Your Network

A connectivity service is not just a single connection, and today everything needs to be connected, from your games to your TV, from your car to your doorbell.  With DZS Xtreme, we can knit all parts of your network into a coherent whole, so now you can create services tailored to your subscribers’ streaming content, their businesses, and yes, even their pet collars.

Automate Everything

Multiple Service Domains in One Automation Package

DZS Xtreme is the only modular, multi-domain automation system that allows you to mix and match technologies to satisfy your customer’s networking needs.

Network transformation driven by SDN and NFV promises to radically reduce network operating costs and unleash a new era of dynamic and creative network service delivery.  However, SDN and NFV alone is not enough. While these technologies help make the transition from physical networks to software-based networks possible, to truly transform the Service Provider’s business, advanced automation software is required to co-ordinate between physical and virtual network elements and enable operators to create compelling services easily and quickly.

DZS Xtreme is a best-in-breed hyperscale-inspired automation solution architected to drive service creation, service deployment, and service automation in a vendor-neutral, technology agnostic manner.   With an extensive ecosystem of partners, DZS Xtreme is equally comfortable with broadband access services, mobile services, and cloud-based services.

Access Services

There’s more to fixed access services than high-speed Internet. Show your customers low-latency gaming. Help them secure their home network. Pave the way to the metaverse. All possible with DZS Xtreme Access.

Mobile Services

Accelerate your of 5G service deployments. Build end-to-end slices using any vendor, at any location, on any cloud. Create your own network services using our powerful intent engine and break free from reliance on custom code and professional services. DZS Xtreme empowers you to deploy 5G today.

Network Function Virtualization

Modern networks can live anywhere, from massive central data centers to distributed edge servers, from private clouds to public clouds. Manage your virtualized network from a single portal and build services from network components located right next door to your customers, to minimize latency and backhaul charges.

End-to-end Services

What if you can create composite services by mixing and matching all your network assets? What if you could create managed enterprise services out of compute infrastructure, enterprise applications, and connect your customer’s business locations together using any networking technology, wired or wireless, depending on their location and needs? Now you can.

White Paper

The Ultimate Guide to Automated, Multi-Domain Service Orchestration

With the DZS Xtreme multi-network orchestration and automation, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can create and deliver new carrier-grade services fast, accelerating the speed of deployment from months to days.

Customer Success

DZS Customer Telus discusses their winning solution featuring DZS Cloud

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