[NEWS] DZS Completes NetComm Acquisition

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Service providers are undergoing massive transformations, catalyzed by an unprecedented broadband technology upgrade supercycle, next generation technologies and government stimulus dollars.

The broadband market globally can be characterized by two scenarios: one in which competition has never been more fierce and multi-gigabit services are rapidly becoming a standard, and another in which broadband services are either unserved or underserved.

In both cases, the global pandemic has transformed broadband into an essential service like power and water, and unprecedented amounts of money both public and private are going into ensuring that everyone around the world is connected.

These are exciting times for broadband service providers, and all are transforming their businesses to take advantage of available funds and next generation technologies to transform their networks and their business models. The goal is multi-gigabit speeds and open networks that can leverage software to deliver new services with agility and efficiency.

DZS has a long history of partnering and enabling many of the most successful broadband service providers around the world to rapidly rollout differentiated gigabit and now multi-gigabit services in their communities efficiently and effectively.

Let DZS help unleash hyper-fast broadband and deliver an unparalleled subscriber experience.

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Today's Service Providers

The role of the broadband service provider has changed from a best-effort data service to a utility-like essential service provided by a variety of service provider types. What they all have in common is a need to leap to next generation fiber services while transforming from service providers to experience providers.

Speed Test

These market challengers are disrupting markets with agility and next-gen technologies


Fiber can replace HFC solutions, and optical edge innovations help provide 5G xHaul


Bringing world-class broadband services to their communities and stimulating local economic development


Address the densification and bandwidth requirements of 5G with disruptive thinking and technologies


Cities and Towns are looking to take their broadband destiny into their own hands and transform their communities


Incumbents looking the meet market competitors head-on with next-gen technologies & business model transformation


Poised to capitalize on unprecedented government and private investor funded multi-gigabit broadband rollouts globally

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DZS Broadband Technology Pillars

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive environment, broadband service providers need an “edge” and DZS provides them with the innovation and platforms they need to become tomorrow’s experience providers and deliver the ultimate subscriber experience.

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Subscriber Edge
Optical Edge
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