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Own the Subscriber Broadband Experience

Service providers who manage the connected home ecosystem can control their destiny by owning the broadband experience.

Many global brands including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and others, are all trying to establish an entrenched presence in the consumer home. At stake are potential products and services that can be sold into these homes, and valuable insights about the consumer that can be gleaned from the data that flows through their solutions and services as they are consumed by subscribers.

Service providers should also be a part of this mix, especially since they are usually among the first companies the subscriber will contact to resolve an issue, regardless if they provide the solution or service, thus absorbing the cost.


Why DZS?

At DZS, we are committed to empowering service providers to take control of their destiny and own the in-home broadband subscriber experience. This starts with providing and managing the WiFi connection to the broadband network.

WiFi has emerged as the “tip of the spear” in the battle for the broadband subscriber as it is the vehicle through which the majority of broadband-enabled homes are connected and, according to DZS Expresse® and CloudCheck® customers, is the source of more than 70% of connectivity issues. If subscriber problems cannot be quickly addressed and resolved, they can lead to a significant increase in churn.

DZS offers a variety of advanced solutions for delivering an immersive in-home WiFi experience including our Helix Home Edge portfolio. Our DZS CloudCheck software manages WiFi performance, while delivering service providers service assurance and experience management capabilities and offering subscribers innovative self-help features.

Let DZS help you to manage the connected home, unleash the potential of your hyper-fast broadband connection and deliver the ultimate subscriber experience.

Successfully Manage the Connected Home

Install their own WiFi solutions

Allows Service Providers to control and manage the connection between consumer devices and the broadband network

Mobile Edge
Deploy Subscriber Management Software

Solutions like DZS CloudCheck use data and intelligence from the network and home to proactively manage the subscriber experience

Gain Better Insights

DZS Cloud insights can allow service providers to tailor the broadband service to their needs, resulting in higher ARPU and lower churn


DZS Connected Home Solutions

DZS CloudCheck help service providers maximize quality-of-experience (QoE) for subscribers with products for end-to-end network management. The software provides best-in-class connectivity management solutions for DSL, cable, fiber, fixed wireless access (FWA) and home WiFi networks. DZS Xperience Cloud is a fully-managed cloud service that helps service providers optimize network performance and QoE by gaining end-to-end visibility and tight control over broadband access and home Wi-Fi networks.

Become a Broadband Experience Provider

In addition to upgrading their networks to next-generation fiber access edge technologies, incumbent service providers are successfully challenging competitors in their markets by transforming from technology providers to broadband experience providers.

By flipping the script and transitioning from market incumbent to the role of disruptor, telcos can leverage their reputation for delivering great service as they differentiate their WiFi performance and network responsiveness. DZS Cloud software solutions are key enablers of this transformation, taking subscriber experience to another level. Our GPON/ XGS-PON network, service assurance, AI-based analytics and cloud-based WiFi management solutions deliver the ultimate broadband subscriber experience.

Unleash hyper-fast broadband with DZS.


Telefonica selected CloudCheck for WiFi monitoring and optimization

“Telefonica selected CloudCheck for Wi-Fi monitoring and optimization. The maturity of the solution, the unique approach of assessing subscriber Quality-of- Experience (QoE), the extensive expertise in analytics, diagnostics and optimization with products already deployed on the Telefonica network, were all key factors in this decision.”

Eduardo de Santos
Customer Service Delivery Director, Global Network & Systems,
Telefonica SA


Salt leverages CloudCheck to proactively influence customers’ Quality of Experience

“CloudCheck Analytics gives us the additional data and visibility we need to understand the patterns that can affect in-home Wi-Fi performance—and the broadband and Wi-Fi throughput measurement tools provide our customer care agents with accurate visibility to support, quickly solve, and prevent day-to-day problems affecting our customers’ Quality of Experience.”

Pascal Grieder
CEO, Salt

DZS Cloud and Helix Solutions Help Service Providers Take Control of the Connected Home

DZS Cloud and Helix Subscriber Edge solutions deliver immersive experiences to millions of homes worldwide, making DZS solutions both proven in scale and performance. Learn more about how our market-leading solutions are powering the connected home.

DZS CloudCheck
DZS Expresse
DZS Helix
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