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The Missing Link

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments have been generating great excitement amongst broadband users, promising amazing, consistent, high-speed, low-latency services. However, many FTTH deployments cannot reach or connect all customers within a deployment area, for several reasons, including expensive last-hop deployment costs, difficulties in obtaining access to premises, historical/architectural building preservation constraints, or complex Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) agreements.

In response to these challenges, operators around the world are adopting a Fiber Extension strategy to provide ultra-fast broadband, utilizing Gfast technology to deliver fiber-like speeds to dwellings over the last-hop copper infrastructure already in place; a cost-efficient alternative to a full-fiber deployment.

This efficient and effective Fiber Extension strategy consists of a reverse-powered Distribution Point Unit (DPU), that is linked to the existing copper line, and powered by an in-home Network Termination Device (NTD).

Key DZS Fiber Extension Features

DZS Fiber Extension DPU solutions can help you reach those customers beyond the economical reach of fiber with powerful, standards-based solutions over existing infrastructure cost-effectively

Flexible Deployment

A large-scale Gfast rollout requires DPUs that can be easily deployed in any environment. DZS’ DPUs can be deployed wherever it is needed – on a pole, on a wall, on a strand, in a pit, down a manhole, or in the basement of an MDU. Different deployments also require different port counts. A single dwelling is different to an MDU, and should be treated as such. DZS DPUs are available in a range of port-counts that provide the flexibility to optimize deployment to SDUs and MDUs in low, medium and high-density zones.

Simplified Installation Process

DZS Gfast Fiber Extension solutions have been carefully designed for efficient and simple installation to optimize deployment time and minimize cost. As world leaders in reverse-powered DPUs, our solution eliminates the significant costs and delays associated with preparing and connecting AC power at the installation location. DZS’ Installation Assistant is an easy to use, portable, battery-operated field tool compatible with all DZS DPUs. Proven in the field, our intelligent installation tools enable fast and efficient registration and birthing of DPUs.

Why DZS?

DZS has a rich history in Fiber Extension and a keen focus on simplicity, faster time-to-market, and lowest total cost of ownership

Why DZS Fiber Extension?

DZS Fiber Extension portfolio features a range of Distribution Point Units (DPU) that are designed to be professionally installed in different locations on or around the premises to deliver high-speed broadband access to homes and businesses.

High Speed Broadband

Gfast 212MHz provides aggregate speeds up to 2Gbps, enabling the delivery of fiber-equivalent gigabit services over last-mile infrastructure.

Powering Options

Operators have options to suit however they choose to deploy a DZS DPU in a Fiber Extension environment. The DPU can be traditionally powered from an AC connection in the network, or can be reverse powered via a Network Termination Device (NTD) or Reverse Power Unit (RPU), avoiding potential costs or delays associated with providing a powered connection.

Advanced Remote Management

The DPUs support Netconf/YANG, offering full remote device management and troubleshooting by using a Persistent Management Agent Aggregator (PMAA).

A Focus on interoperability

Designed with seamless network management in mind, DZS’s DPUs have proven interoperability with all major OLT brands, enabling rapid integration into existing and new PON networks. DZS’s DPUs and NTDs present like an existing ONT in a fiber network and can be entirely managed and assured via the existing OLT EMS solution, eliminating the need to invest in new IT and management infrastructure usually required for the introduction of new technology.

Anywhere Installation

Silent, energy-efficient passive cooling design withstands a wide temperature range from -20°C to +70°C. Fully sealed waterproof outdoor housing with surge protection provides enhanced reliability even in the toughest conditions.

Designed to Deliver Fiber-Like Speeds

Designed to deliver fiber-like speeds to end-users via a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy method, especially in scenarios where deploying the final fiber segment is difficult, expensive or impractical. The DZS Gfast DPU range acts as a fiber-extender, delivering gigabit-class symmetrical services over the existing lead-in infrastructure.

Installation Made Easy

DZS’ field proven DPU installation methodology supports the installer throughout the end-to-end installation process to ensure an accurate, efficient and safe install is carried out at each site.

The Installation Tool integrates a rechargeable RPU into a robust weather and shock resistant enclosure to enable the installer to power the DPU to freely carry out the site survey without having to find an external power source.

DZS mounting kits have been designed to deliver a fuss-free installation, no matter where you choose to deploy the device. The DPU mounting kit is designed to simplify the installation process and can be used to deploy the device on a pole, on a wall, on a strand, in a manhole or pit, in a pedestal or inside a building (in the basement, car park, riser or utility space).

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