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Xtreme Mobile

DZS Xtreme Mobile simplifies the life cycle automation for deployment of any mobile service, include 4G core and 5G network slices across public, private, hybrid and edge clouds – enabling global operators to integrate virtual network functions (VNFs) or containerized network functions (CNFs) from any vendor.

The platform’s modern cloud-native, modular design embraces web-centric open-source technology and standards, offering contemporary API and plug-in driven flexibility to scale and evolve with the largest global network environments.


DZS Xtreme Mobile

The promise of cloud, SDN and NFV can only be achieved if Network Functions and End-to-end Services feature the elasticity, horizontal scalability, and automation typical of cloud services and modern data centers.

DZS Xtreme Capabilities

Own Your Services

Create and manage large catalogues of Access, Mobile, and/or NFV service packages that accelerate service deployments. Build a foundation for building a marketplace of ready-to-deploy services that drive customer loyalty and competitive differentiation

Intent-Driven Fulfilment

The DZS Xtreme intent engine makes it possible for service providers to design services that are expressed in customer-facing terms such as “Connected Factory”, “Vehicle Infotainment” and instantly fulfil the service order via intent rules that serves the customer’s SLA, service plan, and service location. Like all DZS Xtreme services, these intent-based services are designed by you, ensuring that you own your own services with minimal reliance on your suppliers.

Closed Loop Assurance

CSP services are sufficiently complex that manual operations to address faults or rectify performance issues are difficult to carry out on an ad hoc basis. For this reason DZS has designed support for automated Closed Loop Assurance directly into DZS Xtreme, to simplify the CSP operations for dealing with SLA affecting issues and make zero-touch Day 2 operations possible in carrier-grade services.

Automated Deployment

Wizard-driven UIs step you through the most complex of deployments, from access services that span virtual and physical nodes, to cloud-spanning Mobile 5G slices. Integrate easily with multiple configuration sources and configuration systems to manage Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2+ operations, eliminating swivel chair processes and enabling zero-touch flow-through deployments.

Choice and Flexibility

Don’t be locked in anymore to your vendor siloes. With over 80 different vendor integrations, support of all major clouds both public and private, DZS Xtreme gives you unparalleled choice of vendors from which to build your best-of-breed services. As a multi-domain automation solution, DZS Xtreme is also service agnostic, meaning you can manage any service for any use case, from Fixed Access to 5G slices, from enterprise to Internet of Things

Open APIs and Interfaces

DZS Xtreme’s standards-compliant APIs simplify integration and ensure interoperability with OSS/BSS, service assurance, analytics. Multi-standards support ensure the right APIs are used for the right technology domain, from TM Forum for integration with OSS/BSS, to 3GPP for managing 5G slices, to Broadband Forum for Fixed Access services. Thanks to our model-driven approach to integration, DZS Xtreme’s northbound APIs never change, regardless of the vendors, services, clouds it is managing, so you only have to do the integration once, thereby saving time and money when bringing in new vendors or designing new services.

Simplified Integration

Model-driven automation allows DZS Xtreme to embed standards-compliant workflows as part of the model. No more creating large workflows and hundreds of lines of code, simply to create a new service or integrate a new vendor. DZS Xtreme’s model-driven approach reduces integrations to a simple plugin, one that can even be done by in-house IT and DevOps teams.

Intelligent UI

A modern, service-centric graphical interface provides an intuitive front end to all DZS Xtreme’s powerful orchestration and automation capabilities. Drag and drop functionality and context-aware wizards simplifies service composition and deployment.

Why DZS Xtreme?

As the mobile domain shifts to software, global operators are seeking trusted partners to support their digital transformation journey, these operators are leveraging the DZS Xtreme platform to manage their virtualized 4G/5G networks and to monetize their network investments with high value enterprise services, such as private 5G.


Delivering the Managed Intelligent Network

The trend toward cloud and open software solutions is undeniable, DZS Xtreme accelerates its vision and strategy to deliver and manage intelligent network and processing functions at the network edge.

Our DZS Chronos and DZS Velocity portfolios for broadband access and mobile transport powered by sdNOS (the DZS SDN-enabled Network Operating System), and with DZS Xtreme, we deliver software-defined network virtualization and cloud-native automation solutions to enable delivery of differentiated services to increase ARPU, lower churn, streamline operations and optimize service provider and enterprise networks.

DZS Velocity
DZS Chronos
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