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The future competitiveness of communications service providers (CSPs) will be determined at the network EDGE. By embracing a software-defined, fiber-first strategy that pushes bandwidth and intelligence to the EDGE, CSPs will gain the services agility and network scalability necessary to meet future demands and deliver a differentiating subscriber experience.

Where do you stand today with developing and executing your network EDGE strategy? Here are three critical considerations:

  • Multi-gigabit broadband services are the new global standard. Is your Access EDGE 10G-ready today and can be easily upgraded without a forklift approach to low-latency 50G/100G connectivity when this is required in the future?
  • Subscribers no longer value broadband as just a “service” defined by bandwidth—they increasingly demand an “experience” made up of highly customizable, high performance and always-on services. Do you have a Subscriber EDGE and Cloud EDGE strategy in place to provide end-to-end visibility, management, and analytics to orchestrate across your multi-vendor ecosystem and rapidly deliver a personalized experience and rapidly launch new services?
  • Transport demands have skyrocketed at the network EDGE as multi-gig and 5G experience requirements proliferate. Are you leveraging the new Optical EDGE where hardened DWDM technologies are deployed close to the subscriber to meet demand and scale requirements while offering the utmost in agility and responsiveness?

Tangible, Real-World Benefits Today

DZS is 100% dedicated to helping our customers create a comprehensive EDGE strategy and infrastructure. Our EDGE innovations already empower hundreds of CSPs to experience dramatically improved network performance, vital operational savings, and future-proof upgrade potential. By leveraging DZS vision, solutions, and services, DZS customers are building a competitive EDGE in the market today.

DZS helps many of the world’s leading carriers find their competitive EDGE by delivering the ultimate subscriber experience. These CSPs are realizing exceptional operational and financial benefits like:

  • 20%-plus decreases in customer churn
  • 35%-plus improvements in subscriber quality of experience
  • EDGE transport cost reductions of $200,000-plus per location
  • Acceleration of new feature and service onboarding from 8 weeks to 3 days
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) increases of 100%-plus

DZS "Gain Your Competitive EDGE" cover.

Will You Gain Your Competitive EDGE?

How will you establish your competitive EDGE transformation in this rapidly emerging multi-gig world? By strategically pushing compute power and intelligence to the network EDGE, closer to where data is created and consumed and where the subscriber experience is defined. Additionally, if you deploy cutting-edge analytics and AI technologies from DZS, you can transform your network performance and deliver the actionable insights necessary to launch new services and exploit new revenue opportunities.

To find out more about how partnering with DZS can define your competitive EDGE for the next generation of broadband and beyond, contact DZS.

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