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The way we interact with our environment is fundamentally changing due to the emergence of hyper-connected, immersive technologies that require increasing levels of optimized bandwidth. With rise of the metaverse, virtual and augmented reality technologies, consumers will work, play and communicate in virtual spaces they create and make their own.

Streaming services that support 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 8K native video content are now delivering premium in-home theater experiences, enabled by ultra-high performance optical broadband services.

Intelligent devices are becoming honorary members of the household able to participate in routine maintenance and coordinated daily tasks. Enabled by pervasive, high-performance connectivity in the home, and the prevalence of visual, spectral, and spatial sensors in devices that share our spaces, a key driving force behind these connected devices is application intelligence in the cloud.

The future of broadband services depends upon high-performance, low-latency networks that can scale to the bandwidth required for different applications, and use cases, incorporating deployment automation and service management intelligence at the edge of the access network, close to the point of service for subscribers.

This vision inspired us to create the DZS Experience Studio, an interactive smart space showcasing the technology that will transform how individuals, families and employees work, learn, play and interact with each other.

A Smart Space of the Future

The DZS Experience Studio brings to life our next-generation fiber-based broadband, mobile xHaul, in-home WiFi and cloud software solutions that unleash hyper-fast connectivity to create “smart spaces of the future”. We debuted the DZS Experience Studio at our recent Horizons22 Investor Day, where we hosted the investment community, shareholders and board members at the DZS global headquarters in Plano, Texas.

Our vision enables today’s broadband service provider to become tomorrow’s experience provider by transforming their network and business models with cloud-managed customer experience and service assurance software, together with multi-vendor network orchestration creating end-to-end, intelligent, multi-gigabit FTTx broadband connectivity and 5G mobile services.

Making it Real

Using the latest network-side technology provided by the DZS Network Innovation Center, adjacent to the DZS Experience Studio, we invite customers and visitors to participate in guided tours and interact directly with an emerging class of metaverse applications, connected devices and innovative new services in an environment modeled as a hybrid home and workspace of the future. We are able to offer a behind-the-scenes look into DZS cloud-managed WiFi and multi-gigabit optical broadband technology that makes next-level experiences possible.

The studio supports various user stories and scenarios that leverage connected devices, technology and services in the home or workplace. Visitors obtain a very tangible first-hand understanding of how DZS solutions can be applied to realize enriched user experiences.

We show how consumers will undertake the transition from passive and “lean-back” to interactive, immersive entertainment experiences.

The living room of tomorrow will be a smart, multi-functional space that is both a portal to enter the metaverse, while also a movie theater, with the same level of picture quality, sound and sensory effects available from the most advanced cinematic feature film experiences.

DZS Experience Studio
DZS Experience Studio
Managing the Future

The DZS Experience Studio doesn’t just showcase futuristic in-home services like augmented reality, immersive gaming or hybrid collaboration. It also demonstrates the recipes to deliver hyper-fast broadband, with the quality, performance and reliability necessary to power the homes and workspaces of the future. Visitors and customers will also get a glimpse into the next-generation DZS infrastructure and software technology powering these smart spaces.

The DZS Experience Studio also illustrates how experience providers can monitor service performance network-wide to ensure an optimal user experience, benefiting from greater visibility into the network conditions, while leveraging the agility of software-driven automation to provide management and control for such dynamic environments. We demonstrate in real-time the lifecycle of multi-gigabit bandwidth provisioning, service management and new service creation with industry leading immediacy and user-centric control.

As a segment leader and innovator in the next generation of multigigabit broadband, we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the strategic transition of our customers from service providers to experience providers, allowing them to differentiate themselves in today’s rapidly evolving and highly competitive broadband access landscape.


Discover DZS

Our central goal for the DZS Experience Studio is to demonstrate the DZS vision of the future experience provider in real time and in person for our customers. We felt it was important to not just talk about the concept of new experiences, but to also build a space that brings to life all the innovative new experiences that will become available to subscribers over the next several years.

We look forward to leveraging both our DZS Network Innovation Center and the DZS Experience Studio to conceptualize, prototype and demonstrate groundbreaking new services, working in collaboration with our customers, partners, fellow technology innovators, policymakers and other industry leaders.

To arrange a tour of the DZS Experience Studio, or to learn how you can leverage the technology that powers smart spaces like this, contact DZS today.



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