[DZS NEWS] DZS emerges as Broadband Networking, AI-Driven Software pure play focused on Americas and EMEA, eliminates approximately $43 million of debt

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Core unit of the Multi-Service Access Platform MileGate, supporting 40 Gigabit-Ethernet uplinks for ultra high bandwidth
  • 2 x 40/10 GbE optical uplink front interfaces via QSFP/SFP+ modules
  • 3 x GbE/10 GbE optical front interfaces via SFP(+) modules
  • Access to 1GbE and 10 GbE star of MileGate subracks
  • 1:1 equipment protection possible for maximum availability
  • Within the MileGate Fiber Series product line, optimized for all-optical access, coverless operation in the subracks is supported

COGE4 Fabric Cards

Controls the installed units (line cards, gateways etc.) via the backplane and realises the uplink of the Ethernet data.

DZS Solutions

Access Edge
Access Edge

Access Edge
Subscriber Edge

Optical Edge
Optical Edge
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