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To keep up with today’s insatiable demand for more bandwidth along with skyrocketing capacity and low-latency requirements to meet the needs of emerging applications and services, communications service providers (CSPs) are reimagining how they are going to rearchitect the next-generation broadband network. The network edge has emerged as a key strategic location, as it is here where service providers need to move both network intelligence and capacity to best serve the needs of their subscribers and ultimately thrive and win in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

DZS is committed to innovation at the network edge, and its comprehensive solutions focused on the Access, Subscriber, Optical and Cloud EDGE will arm our CSP customers with the competitive EDGE they need to thrive and win as “experience providers” in a hyper-connected world.

Below is an overview of how the DZS Network EDGE is changing in each of our critical focus areas followed by some great resources designed to help you better understand the current environment and learn how you can gain your competitive EDGE.

  • The Access EDGE is being redefined as unprecedented bandwidth is pushed closer to the subscriber, creating the need for new hardened equipment with extraordinary performance (high capacity, ultra-low latency) and a path from 10G to 50G/100G Passive Optical Networking (PON) technologies. Award-winning DZS Velocity solutions were architected to meet this challenge head-on.
  • The Subscriber EDGE has become the focal point of the customer experience (WiFi integrity, agility, security), a critical vector for managing subscriber satisfaction and a perfect platform for new subscriber insights and revenues. DZS Helix premises solutions, complemented by DZS Cloud WiFi optimization and service assurance, provide the industry’s most powerful platform for delivering the ultimate subscriber experience.
  • The Optical EDGE is being defined as technologies optimized for the data center are now being brought into the traditional transport and mobile transport domains. Skyrocketing transport capacity requirements and long-distance challenges driven by 10 Gigabit Symmetrical (XGS)-PON and 5G deployments are being addressed by breakthroughs in the hardening of coherent optics, the integration of advanced timing, and new form factors providing modular flexibility and intelligence deployed much closer to the subscriber than ever before. DZS Saber and DZS Chronos solutions are leading the way with powerful edge-driven transport platforms.
  • The Cloud EDGE is proving essential in providing the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven insights and analytics to both optimize and assure the subscriber experience and drive operational efficiencies and agility across increasingly multi-vendor networks. DZS Xtreme, Expresse, and CloudCheck are enabling some of the world’s most advanced service providers to transform their agility and efficiency.

Now is the time

With multi-gigabit services rapidly becoming mainstream around the world, now is the time to rethink and transform communications network architecture with the EDGE in mind.

CSPs’ ongoing competitiveness depends on how they leverage the network EDGE for analytics, operational wins, upgrade potential, and differentiate service offerings. By embracing a software-defined, fiber-first strategy that pushes bandwidth and intelligence to the EDGE, CSPs can attain the services agility and network scalability necessary to meet future demands and deliver the ultimate subscriber experience.

What’s next?Cover of Heavy Reading white paper on the DZS Access EDGE: 100G PON is Closer Than You Think: Why You Should Begin Your Upgrade Strategy Now.

DZS has been leading this charge with real and proven solutions deployed by hundreds of CSPs around the globe, ranging from independent rural operators to the largest carriers in the world.

The DZS portfolio of future-ready EDGE solutions helps CSPs turn the promise of EDGE transformation into reality. DZS solutions are optimized to capitalize on the changes taking place at the Access, Subscriber, Optical and Cloud EDGE, and work as open, best-in-class solutions or in concert as an end-to-end infrastructure to give CSPs the competitive EDGE they need to thrive in today’s digital-first world.

For more information on some of the latest trends in broadband EDGE transformation in these strategic areas and how DZS can provide you with a competitive EDGE check out:

DZS is THE leader when it comes to delivering world-class Access, Subscriber, Optical and Cloud EDGE solutions to smart service providers all over the world. Our award-winning proven solutions are helping CSPs in every geography define, execute and accelerate their EDGE strategies and giving them the competitive EDGE they need to win in their markets.

To learn more on DZS market-leading EDGE, contact us or visit dzsi.com.

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