[DZS NEWS] DZS and Orange Partner to Deploy Advanced New Fiber Technologies and Services Across Europe

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Given the unprecedented government and private funding for broadband initiatives, Communications Service Providers have a generational opportunity to help bridge the digital divide for unserved and underserved communities and open the door to multi-gigabit, low latency services to them. A strategic approach with a long term view to the choice of network solutions is imperative for the build-out. Download our white paper to learn how the DZS FiberWay solution can help:

  • Reduce time to market for multi-gig services to unserved/underserved communities
  • In-place migrate to 50G PON and beyond when ready
  • Save significantly on temperature-controlled building costs
  • Establish high capacity connectivity and extended reach to communities using coherent optics in the Middle Mile
Join the momentum to bridge the digital divide with DZS FiberWay - This is The Way.

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Download The White Paper Here


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