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Regional fiber broadband leader enhances its competitive edge by rolling out multi-gigabit services to residential and business customers across San Juan Metro area

DALLAS, Texas, USA, March 6, 2023 –  DZS (Nasdaq: DZSI), a global leader of access, optical and cloud-controlled software defined solutions, today announced that Optico Fiber, Puerto Rico’s premier provider of next-generation internet services, is leveraging DZS Access EDGE and Subscriber EDGE solutions to launch what is expected to be the first 10 gigabit per second (Gbps) capable network on the island, bringing world-class, symmetrical multi-gigabit broadband services to the residents and businesses of Puerto Rico. A longtime DZS customer, Optico Fiber is expanding its existing DZS Velocity systems with system-on-a-card technology capable of supporting Gigabit PON (GPON), 10 Gigabit Symmetrical (XGS)-PON, and 10Gbps point-to-point technologies out of any port, as well as the latest DZS Helix gateways to deliver whole home and business reach with state-of-the-art WiFi technology.

“This strategic upgrade to a 10 gig network capable of seamless adoption of multi-gigabit internet services by Optico Fiber’s residential and business subscribers extends the company’s position as a technology leader in the Puerto Rico market,” said Carlo Marazzi, President & CEO, Optico Fiber. “In addition, the ability to deploy multi-gig capable WiFi 6 technology within each subscriber premises lays the groundwork for optimal coverage and a superior broadband service experience. DZS has been our trusted technology partner since 2006, and we are pleased that they can deliver a best-in-class solution that gives us a clear competitive edge in our market. We are also excited about the potential of extending this business value with new DZS Cloud software offerings, especially their CloudCheck in-home WiFi experience management solution and Expresse service assurance solution, which can take the best broadband experience in Puerto Rico to yet another level.”

“DZS is proud and honored that our longtime partner Optico Fiber has leveraged our next- generation technologies to bring groundbreaking broadband services to Puerto Rico,” said Charlie Vogt, President & CEO, DZS. “As more and more residential and business customers demand ultra-high-speed XGS-PON service levels to support use cases like working from home, latency-free gaming and connectivity for more mobile and IoT devices, forward-thinking “experience providers” like Optico Fiber will be ready with a robust network infrastructure upgradable to multi-gig services and the option of leveraging DZS Cloud EDGE software for ongoing experience and services enhancements if and when desired.”

“Moving from gigabit to multi-gigabit broadband services once again defines Optico Fiber as a pioneer of next-generation broadband services within the Puerto Rican market,” said Alexis Ortiz, General Manager of Optico Fiber. “We chose to work with DZS because of their continued superior flexibility versus competitors to meet our business needs as a mid-sized operator and technology innovator. Thanks to this transformation, Optico Fiber is even better positioned to take advantage of a shift in our local market to multi-gigabit fiber-based services, which have proven to be more resilient than traditional cable infrastructure to the intermittent power outages and other weather challenges that impact our island.”

A series of new multi-gigabit residential plans that leverage this next-generation technology are being launched by Optico Fiber. The 2.5 Gigabit XGS service plan delivers symmetrical 2.5 Gbps speeds for $110 per month.  In addition, the 4.0 Gigabit XGS service plan offers symmetrical 4 Gbps speeds for $140 monthly. Optico Fiber’s multi-gigabit services are ideal for modern families with numerous devices sharing a single network, as well as gamers, graphic artists and content creators, students and professionals working from home.

Optico Fiber’s XGS-PON deployment includes:

  • The DZS Velocity V14 ultra high-density 14-slot Optical Line Terminal (OLT) system with 10Gbps-class fiber access combo cards capable of delivering GPON, XGS-PON and 10 gig Active Ethernet technologies across every port
  • DZS Helix 5225A 10Gbps Optical Network Terminal (ONT) systems for commercial subscribers, featuring high-capacity multi-rate support for 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G interfaces, POTS support and multiple enterprise LAN features
  • DZS Helix 5211 10Gbps ONT systems for commercial and residential subscribers, featuring a high-capacity multi-rate support for 100M/1G/2.5G interfaces and POTS support
  • DZS Helix 5228XG 10Gbps ONT systems for residential subscribers, featuring WiFi 6 support, POTS and 10 gig upstream/downstream support
  • DZS Helix 1764WC dual band 2×2 802.11ax Access Point with a 2.5G WAN Port

DZS offers what it believes is the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of Access EDGE, Subscriber EDGE, Optical EDGE and Cloud EDGE network solutions to ensure optimal network performance and a differentiated multi-gigabit user experience, enabling service providers to transform into experience providers as they modernize their networks and maximize return on investment. All DZS solutions are standards-based, have proven interoperability with most vendors’ equipment, and can be readily managed and orchestrated alongside third-party solutions.

To learn more about DZS, visit https://www.dzsi.com.

About Optico Fiber

Optico Fiber (Critical Hub Networks, Inc) is Puerto Rico’s premier provider of next-generation internet. Optico Fiber delivers market-leading speed and services through its 100% company owned and operated fiber optic network, serving residential communities as well as businesses, hotels, universities and commercial customers of all sizes in Puerto Rico.

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