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A Powerful Edge Access Portfolio

Featuring one of the industry’s largest collections of feature-rich fiber termination points as well as residential/enterprise gateways and Wi-Fi systems, the new DZS Helix portfolio includes support for 10 gig-class hyper-broadband services, Wi-Fi 6, and managed access network support all the way to the premise edge and beyond.

When combined with open and standards-based DZS Cloud analytics, orchestration, and service management, DZS customers have the decision-support and management tools to extend the managed access network from the core to consumer/enterprise connected device and to launch new services rapidly.

This combination creates extraordinary service visibility and end-user experience control and the ability to dramatically improve the end-user broadband service experience efficiently and effectively, even if the customer premises equipment (CPE) already in place is not made by DZS.


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DZS Helix + DZS Cloud

Market forces such as Wi-Fi 6, enhanced mobile broadband, mmWave UE and Fixed Wireless Access have changed the rules of connectivity and are defining a new domain in the network – the access edge that is the point of convergence where the access network, the home network, the end-user broadband-enabled device, and the data that informs the quality of the service intersect to define the user experience.

By delivering functionality and visibility from the cloud to the access edge, DZS Helix complemented by DZS Cloud wraps around the end-user experience and arms service providers with the critical infrastructure and data/analytics they need to maximize broadband speeds, build agility into their infrastructure, lower churn, and deliver on the promise of brilliant buildings and hyper-connectivity.

Our experience gleaned from shipping millions of edge access units every year globally to many Tier 1 service providers as well as aggressive alternate providers gives us the scope, scale, and insights to deliver cutting-edge solutions that are as easy to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain as they are vehicles for new revenue streams and exceptional broadband experiences to our customers.


Helix Content Images finalEdge Access is the next generation of the connected premises

Edge Access is the next generation of the connected premises

DZS Helix Edge Access products featuring Wi-Fi 6, Power over Ethernet support, 10 gig-class services support, and EasyMesh are today helping service providers around the world deliver sensational experiences, exceptional efficiency, and a host of new revenue opportunities into their networks.

The DZS Helix Edge Access portfolio is comprised of G- and X-series fiber termination points, residential/enterprise and Wi-Fi gateway systems, W-series mesh access points, and an emerging R-series of LTE/5G residential and enterprise gateways.

With these intelligent products that can interface via 2.5 gig and 10 gig-class technologies at the residential/enterprise premises, service providers can move beyond traditional triple-play offerings and quickly and efficiently introduce, manage, troubleshoot and improve new value-added services such as multi-gig-speed internet, IPTV, VoIP, managed Wi-Fi, EasyMesh and Wi-Fi extensions, home security, cloud-connected smart home IoT, home office/videoconferencing and over-the-top (OTT) services.