[NEWS] DZS will be at Fiber Connect 2024

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DZS Inc. cares for and is committed to ensuring the Health and Safety of all its workers.

Supervisors are accountable for the health and safety of workers under their direction. It is their responsibility to ensure that working conditions follow established legislation and that safe work practices are adhered to. In addition, Supervisors must ensure that adequate training is provided for the workers in their specific work tasks before commencement of the job.

Every worker must protect their own health and safety by working in compliance with legislative and other requirements. This includes compliance with safe work practices and procedures established by DZS Inc.

Workers and their supervisors shall be held accountable for violations of health and safety rules, regulations, and procedures. Disciplinary action, where necessary, will be dictated by DZS Inc. based on the merits of the specific cases.

DZS Inc. as the employer, is ultimately responsible for worker health and safety. Every reasonable precaution will be taken for the protection of our employees.

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