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What is the Network Edge?

The network edge is the outer part of a service provider broadband or communications network and closest to end-user locations and devices. As end subscribers of network services utilize applications that require greater bandwidth, low latency and greater computer power, there is a need for high bandwidth fiber-based technology and compute networks to be built out at the network edge to support these new and evolving use cases for residential, business and mobile users with an increasing number of connected devices. There is also a need to provide broadband connectivity at the network edge to currently unserved and underserved areas to help bridge the digital divide and provide high-speed internet services and connectivity to those communities.

Network Edge Diagram

Broadband Access Networks that provide Last Mile connectivity using optical fiber are a part of this network edge (Access Edge) and provide high-bandwidth connectivity using point to multi-point technologies such as XGS-PON and point to point Ethernet. High bandwidth “Middle Mile” regional optical transport (or Metro transport) and connectivity are also considered to be a part of the Network Edge.

DZS is highly focused on Access and Optical Edge solutions for Network Edge. Contact us to learn more about the Network Edge.

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