[DZS NEWS] DZS emerges as Broadband Networking, AI-Driven Software pure play focused on Americas and EMEA, eliminates approximately $43 million of debt

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DZS White Paper


Deploy-Anywhere Form Factor of DZS Saber 4400 Platform Changes Economics of DWDM Deployment While Opening Extraordinary Opportunities

Edge-based network evolution with high-bandwidth connectivity and extended service reach is vital to Communications Service Providers achieving higher returns on their investments in their pursuit of new service opportunities and to bridge the digital divide.

DZS has met the challenge with the environmentally hardened, small form-factor and modular Saber 4400 optical transport and networking edge platform. This is a one-of-a-kind condensed platform package that can be deployed cost-effectively and with reduced power virtually anywhere to quickly provide 100G/400G coherent transport at the edge, whether it be for point to point, ROADM ring, or mesh topologies and applications.

Download our white paper to learn about:

  • The demand trends driving the need for network transformation
  • The Optical Edge network transformation imperative
  • How the DZS Saber 4400 platform helps overcome cost and TTM barriers and why is it different
  • How best to cost-effectively address the U.S Middle/Last Mile connectivity and bandwidth gap with the DZS FiberWay solution

Join the revolution and transform your business with DZS Saber and FiberWay!

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