DZS Mobile AnyHaul

High performance Mobile Solutions require an end-to-end solution with an interface across multiple fronthaul and backhaul technologies by having flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of cell site, whether in small cells or macro cells. Ensuring flexibility, scalability and operational simplicity, DZS mobile solutions enable operators to accelerate the delivery of mobile capacity, coverage and QoS for 5G era.

Ultra-Reliable, Low-Latency Communication for 5G

Open RAN Mobile Network

Chronos C1216RO

DZS is helping Rakuten turn the promise of Open RAN into reality. With over 1 million subscribers, Rakuten has built the world’s foremost Open RAN deployment service both 4G and 5G services. Learn more about Rakuten’s vision and how DZS is helping make it reality.


MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing).

Being standardized under ETSI, MEC defines the architecture, APIs and N/W interfaces to run a generic IT application platform at the network edge. DZS, over its 20-year broadband network expertise, now pioneers the next generation of MEC which is purpose built for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) networks, such as 3GPP 5G NR.

Built on cutting-edge NFV technologies, DZS MEC delivers a versatile microcloud platform that manages 3rd party applications of a choice, transparently handling traffics from/to LTE and 5G networks at a native ‘wire-speed’. Cost-effectively designed for the ‘near edge’, i.e. C-RAN / vRAN Central Offices (COs) or S1 traffic aggregation sites, DZS MEC will provide mobile operators with the unique capability to deliver latency-critical applications, while optimizing the network performance in an innovative way

MPLS Advantage.

Centralized management and Control

MPLS Key Features included in the M-Series :


  • MPLS Linear Protection, Ring Protection
  • WTR, Revertive / Non-revertive Less 50ms Protection Time
  • Hold-over
  • TE-FRR, Path-Protection
  • Ethernet Ring Protection (G.8032)

Operation, Administration & Maintenance (OAM)

  • Fully compliant with IEEE 802.1ag (CFM)
  • Fully compliant with ITU-T Y.1731
  • IP / MPLS OAM (LSP ping, LSP trace-route, VCCV)
  • OAM Message Map

To satisfy increasing consumer bandwidth demands and align with market trends, many Telecom solution providers have begun to future proof their networks with the deployment of fiber technologies. These can be new deployments or augmentation and upgrade of existing copper-based networks.

While high speed Internet access speeds vary by region, DZS is deployed in virtually all the most advanced countries that offer ultra high speed Internet speeds and our ongoing mission is to work with aspiring nations who want the benefits of connecting all  citizens to the Internet world.