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Saber 4400

First-of-its-kind environmentally hardened, modular transport platform delivers up to 400 Gbps per wavelength and the industry’s smallest form factor CDC Flex-Grid ROADM
  • Hardened, extended temperature range (ETR)
  • Full 2-degree CDC-Flex Grid ROADM-4400 (can be expanded to 8-degrees), NEBS-3 compliant
  • Hot-swappable one-slot, two-slot, three-slot, four-slot sleds/modules for network L0 to L3 edge applications
  • Hot-swappable management module
  • Multiple units can be stacked and appear as a single network element with a single management IP and redundant management hardware
  • GR-3108 OSP Class 2 compliant
  • Advanced timing options including integrated GPS module for GrandMaster timing
  • Secure software management
  • Trusted protection module (TPM)
  • Integrated with DZS Xtreme
  • Graphical Shelf Manager (OSM)


Saber 4400

A compact, hardened, modular platform targeting the Access Edge/Metro Edge of the network.

Redefining the Economics of Optical EDGE Transport

Asset 24

Compact, open modular form factor allows Saber solutions to be cost-effectively deployed in existing cabinets, reducing the cost to address rising transport requirements at locations such as cell towers or remote fiber communities, enabling significant savings

Power Efficient and Climate Hardened

An environmentally hardened platform leveraging coherent optics that can operate between -40 °C to +65 °C, eliminating the need for heat exchangers and air conditioning upgrades in existing cabinets or including these elements in new cabinets

High Bandwidth, Long Reach

Ability to transport multiple 100G-400G+ coherent circuits to a distance of up to 120km in a compact form factor enabling scale and ease of deployment for remote 5G or 10 gigabit services

Middle Mile Grant Ready

Close the digital divide with this “Buy America” ready products

Asset 23

Significantly expands the typical range of deployment for ROADMs

Combine for Next Level Capacity

Combine with the DZS M4000 and Velocity OLTs for multi-gig, ultra low latency symmetric capacity

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