[NEWS] DZS will be at Fiber Connect 2024

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At DZS, we believe the world is a better place when everyone and everything is connected via ultra-high-speed Internet access. We are proud that our technology solutions lead to communities across more than 70 countries being better connected, enriching lives at home, school, and work. At the same time, we recognize the wider impact of DZS’s business activities on society and the environment, and we are committed to conducting our business in a responsible and sustainable manner.

At DZS we concentrate our sustainability efforts across four focus areas:

  • Embracing environmental stewardship: We are committed to the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources both within our daily operations and throughout our entire value chain, where we support our customers’, suppliers’ and employees’ environmental efforts with best-in-class innovation, a drive for better efficiency, and creative approaches to environmental challenges.
  • Creating a thriving culture for our people: We aim to foster a safe, respectful, and inclusive culture where our people are empowered to think and operate with unrivalled vision, innovation and execution.
  • Operating with integrity: We exhibit an unwavering commitment to high corporate governance and ethical standards within our business and in our relationships with business partners. We operate with a code of conduct and behavioural standard that reflects our desire to ensure we achieve our mission in an ethical and honest manner. Our word is our bond – we honor our commitments to our investors, our customers, and our peers.
  • Being proactive on ESG: We strive to continually improve our Environmental, Social and Governance performance across the business through our global ESG program, ongoing development of our global Quality Management System, and by communicating with and educating our people and business partners.

Environmental Policy

At DZS, we are fully committed to conducting our business in a responsible and sustainable manner, by leveraging our technology and expertise to minimize our environmental footprint and empowering our customers and the communities in which we operate to do the same.

As we continue our mission to create a hyperconnected world, we embrace the principles of sustainability and environmental preservation. We have committed to setting long-term objectives to address the environmental impacts resulting from our operations and products. Among these impacts, climate change is of utmost concern, and we are resolute in reducing our overall emissions.

Across our entire product and service portfolio, as well as our global operations, we are firmly committed to the following principles:

  • DZS will conduct our business in a manner that minimizes environmental impact, reduces energy consumption, prevents pollution, and safeguards the earth’s resources.
  • By applying Eco-Design, DZS will ensure continuous environmental improvements with a life cycle perspective in our portfolio with the intention that new generations of products require relatively fewer materials and use relatively less energy.
  • DZS will manage the life cycle of our products, solutions, and services in a responsible manner to reduce the environmental impact from use of products and the end-of-life processing of used products.
  • DZS will deploy adequate sustainability requirements in our supply chain.
  • DZS shall maintaining full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations and other obligations. In instances where our own requirements are more rigorous, we adhere to these elevated standards.
  • DZS will regularly assess and review the environmental impact of our business, through the establishment of reduction goals, by measuring progress, and disclosing performance through CDP, SBTi and EcoVadis.
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