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What is WiFi 6/6E?

WiFi 6 is also known as 802.11ax and delivers faster speeds and bigger data transfers than WiFi 5, allowing more devices to connect to the same network without service interruptions. WiFi 6 also provides WPA3 encryption, making it a more secure protocol than its successor, WiFi 5. The benefits of WiFi 6 include increased capacity, improved performance in crowded areas and buildings, faster connection and data transfer speeds and better battery life on devices. Data transmission also happens much more efficiently on WiFi 6.

A WiFi 6 router can handle much more traffic, and it even provides a data stream directly to your device, instead of broadcasting to a general area. The increased capacity is one of the biggest benefits and the one that’s arguably most noticeable to most users.

WiFi 6 speeds are faster because more data is sent more times per second. The result is that heavy data streaming is smoother and you can, for example, watch TV online more easily. WiFi 6’s max speed is 9.6 Gbps, while WiFi 5’s is only 3.5 Gbps. While this is a big jump, you probably won’t notice the difference with just one device connected. If you’re on a busy network with lots of other people, you likely will.

DZS is highly focused on helping service providers provide the ultimate WiFi subscriber experience. Contact us to learn about WiFi 6/6E Access Points and Extenders, ONT Gateways and WiFi Experience Management software.


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