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Prepackaged Reports On Subscriber Broadband Speeds

Many regulators require verification from service providers that they are delivering broadband performance levels consistent with their contracted rates or as a condition of government funding such as CAF II and Ofcom. DZS TruSpeed takes the hassle out of measuring and reporting as per government specifications with our prepackaged reports designed to meet regulatory requirements.

Key DZS TruSpeed Benefits


Prepackaged regulatory reports for CAF II and Ofcom make reporting easy.


Reports can be customized to meet your specific needs giving you flexibility to meet any regulators reporting requirements.

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Agent installed on CPE is lightweight making it fast and easy to deploy.

How It Works

The lightweight TruSpeed Agent is responsible for getting the required configuration and parameters from the management server to perform throughput and latency tests against the Speed Test Node/s, reporting the results back to the Management Server. The Management Server is capable of scheduling downstream and upstream tests uniformly distributed across deployments to avoid load spikes.

To measure the accurate downstream and upstream throughput of the broadband connection, the Agent performs a TCP connection to a Speed Test Node. It runs the test from the CPE, counting both the traffic generated by the test as well as traffic from all other devices in the home (the cross traffic) in the speed test calculation.

Overall speed test results are calculated considering cross-traffic and the speed test results. This provides a full accounting of traffic on the broadband link.

The Speed Test Node/s used during the test can be configured in the request or they can be selected automatically by the best latency result from the previous test. The duration of the test is configurable, and the tests can be executed periodically.

To measure maximum throughput, the agent can run simultaneous tests to saturate the broadband link to its maximum capacity.

  1. Downstream/upstream loads are generated (from CPE, and other clients)
  2. Aggregated statistics are sampled and used to provide the measurement on an access link
  3. Both scheduled and on-demand reports are supported

Out-Of-The-Box CAF II Reporting

The Connect America Fund (CAF) is a federal program that provides funding to expand broadband access to rural areas of the United States. CAF Phase II requires internet service providers to report on their progress in meeting the broadband deployment requirements. Specifically, providers must submit semi-annual broadband deployment data to the FCC, including information on the number of locations where broadband service is available, the speeds offered, and the technology used to provide the service. Providers must also submit maps showing the areas where they have deployed broadband service and those where they plan to deploy service. These reporting requirements are designed to ensure that CAF funds are being used effectively to expand broadband access in rural areas.

Out-Of-The-Box Ofcom Reporting

Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, requires broadband service providers to report on their performance metrics to ensure that they are meeting their obligations and providing a fair and consistent service to their customers. The main reporting requirements include providing information on broadband speeds, network performance, and customer complaints. Providers are required to report this information on a regular basis, typically quarterly, to Ofcom. This data is then used to monitor the quality of service provided by broadband providers and to make sure that they are meeting their obligations under the law.

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